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2018 ADS National Convention Show Winner Photos Nashville Tennessee – Standard Stems

April 18, 2018

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Hello Daffnet!

I will split up the photos of the winners into Standards and Minis.

Apologies to the Winner of the Maroon Ribbon and Kathleen Simpson for her Havens Win, but I failed to capture those 2 winning entries.

Photos Follow:

Gold Ribbon – New Penny, exhibited by Karen Cogar.

White and Rose for best seedling, exhibited by Larry Force.

The standard Rose Ribbon for the best standard seedling in show. By Larry Force.

Small Grower Award, Alaskan Forest, Exhbited by Ann Cain.

The Intermediate Single Stem. Larry’s Force, exhibited by Mary Lou Gripshover

The Bender award for the best flower in the hybridizers section. awarded to this seedling from the 6 standards by the hybridizer, exhibited by Nial Watson of Northern Ireland.

The Youth Single Stem was “Purbeck” exhibited by J. Varden.

The Fowlds Award, Sugar Rose, exhibited by Karen Cogar

The Olive Lee Trophy winner. Work of Art, exhibited by Lynn Lawson Ladd

3 stem Youth entry, Barrett Browning, exhibited by Maria Turner.

The Red white and Blue for 5 American Bred Gold Velvet, Windy City, New Penny, Geometrics and Washington Gold.

The Quinn award for 24 stems of standard Daffodils. Exhibited by Karen Cogar

Novice 5 stem award winner. Ann Cain with the flowers of: Barret Browning, Silver Falls, Sabatini, Mesa Verde, and Stunning Gold.

The New Zealand Award for 5 daffodils of New Zealand breeding. Won by Janet HIckman with the flowers of:
Spring Luster, Ballistic, Polar Sky, Sulphur Monarch, and Jamor.

Northern Ireland Award for 5 daffodils bred in Northern Ireland, exhibited by mike and Lisa Kuduk. The flowers are: Temba, Prarie Fire, Queens Guard, Bossa Nova & Maria Pia.

The Music City Collection for 5 flowers with musical names. Exhibited and won by Becky Fox Matthews, the flowers are:
Cinnamon Ring, Singin Pub, Red Auria, La Traviata, and Bossa Nova.

The “Little England” award. I believe won by Janet Hickman.

The Bozievich Award for the best collection of 12 stems of standard Daffodils from at least 4 divisions. The winning entry was exhibited by Kathleen Simpson​

The Intermediate 5 stem award winner by Janet Hickman. Runkery, Commodor Perry, Tamar Fire, Curly Lace, Johnny Quest.

The Intermediate 3 stem, Firey Arrow. By Larry Force.

The Historic 5 Stem award, sorry, didn’t get the exhibitor. The flowers from top left are:
Madame DeGraf, Lucifer, Firebrand, Queen of Spain and Auralius

The HIstoric 3 stem. Gold Spur, by Mitch & Kate Carney.

The English Award for 5 Daffodils Bred in England. Exhibited by Janet Hickman. The flowers from the top left are:
Corby Candle, Royal Marine, Crackington, Monsal, Barbary Gold.

The Dutch award for a collection of 5 daffodils, each from a different decade. Kathy Welsh was the winner with the flowers of Windy City, Jack Wood, Hot Gossip, Falstaff & Highlight.

Classic Single and Cultivar, Highfield Beauty. Exhibited by Mike and Lisa Kuduk

5 stem classic winner, exhibited by Janet Hickman. The flowers from the top left are:
Estrella, (can’t read my writing for the center flower), Paricutin, Perimeter, and White Plume.

The Carncairn Award for 5 stems of Irish Bred Daffodils. The exhibitor was David & Jainie Vaughnwith the flowers of Tudor Dance, Lennymore, Woodland Prince Lennymore and Golden Joy

The Australian 5 stem collection winner. exhibited by Janet Hickman, the flowers were:
from top left – Banker, Sun Bronze, Shadrach, Estrella & Zombie.

The ADS Challenge of 12 by the hybridizer. Exhibited by Elise Havens.

6 standards by the hybridizer – exhibited by Nial Watson.

The classic 3 stem. Titmouse, exhibited by Cindy Haefner.

The Standard 3 by hybridizer. Exhibited by Nial Watson of Northern Ireland. Sorry for the poor quality.

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