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2018 East Tennessee Daffodil Society Show

April 15, 2018

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Hello my fellow enthusiasts!
The East Tennessee Daffodil Society Show was held in the local 1st United Methodist Church of Maryville Tennessee.
Usually held in Knoxville at the University of Tennesse, this year it seems there seemed to have been a mix up at the
school and the show needed to move, so they had a 1 day show at Maryville’s Methodist Church. 1 day shows are sad because
it’s so much work to put on, then to take down right away at the end of the day.

Because the season was so very slow to start, there were not as many blooms as expected, but visitors from other parts of the south and mid south brought there’s and it turned out to be a nice show.

Photos below. The next posting will be my version of the Convention photos, then onto the Indiana Daffodil Society show 2 days ago, then our local SWODS show here in Cincinnati yesterday. I have 2 more shows to visit after this and it will take quite a bit of time to edit these photos before I can post to both Facebook and Daffnet.

Onward Springtime!


The Best in Show, which was also the best Intermediate single stem was “Scarlet Tanager” taken from the winning Bozie collection, exhibited by Lynn Lawson Ladd.

The Standard White Ribbon Winner was a very nice 3 stem collection of Demmo, exhibited by Mike & Lisa Kuduk

The mini white and Gold ribbons were this collection of Minnow exhibited by Mike & Lisa Kuduk. the top stem was the mini gold as best mini in show.

The Mini Rose Ribbon for the best miniature seedling was awarded to a Jonquil stem exhibited by Greg Freeman. Seedling number 6SF-09A-17-01

The 3 stem Intermediate was Biometrics, exhibited by Mike & Lisa Kuduk

The Historic 3 Stem winner was St Keverne Exhibited by Mike & Lisa Kuduk

The Classic 3 stem entry was exhibited as “Romance” exhibited by Carol Morton. It has been suggested by others that this is actually “Accent”

The Historic Single stem winner was St Keverne exhibited by Mike & Lisa Kuduk.

The Small Grower award was exhibited by Johnnie Buhler with this stem of Drama Queen

The Classic single stem AND Classic cultivar was Ramsese, exhibited by Molly Adams.

The Throckmorton award was exhibited by Mike & Lisa Kuduk

The Red White & Blue Ribbon winner was exhibited by Lynn Lawson Ladd with the flowers of Stettner Seedling, Stony Brook, Doaks Stand, Stettner/Jerrell Seedling, and Pink China.

The Purple ribbon collection for the best 5 stem in show was the division 2 collection, exhibited by Lynn Lawson Ladd. The flowers were, Fire Rim, Arleston, Conestoga, Ashmore, and Colonial White.

The 5 stem Historic winner was exhibited by Mike and Lisa Kuduk with the flowers of St Keverne, Cantatrice, Mount Hood, Trouseau, & sweetness.

The 5 stem Classic winner was exhibited by Mike and Lisa Kuduk, with Titmouse, Strines, B roomhill, Gold Crown and larkwhistle.

The Bozievich award winner for the best 12 stem entry from 4 divisions. The Best in show (which was also the best intermediate) came from this collection. Exhibited by Lynn Lawson Ladd

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