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2018 Indiana Daffodil Society (IDS) Show Winners

April 24, 2018

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Hello All

Well, I hesitate to follow such a prestigous posting as from Sir Brian Duncan, but I need to move on in my photo posts of the show winners in the American Midwest.

The Indiana Daffodil Society held their show in a new venue this year at the Community Center and Ice Arena in Columbus Indiana. Held on Friday April 13th, It was a very nice building to have the show staged in. I made a note that the light in the staging room is far better for photos than where I took these pictures this time.

In this show, I donated a special award that I purchased from the Artisans of Glass and Ceramics in the town of Nashville Indiana recently during a little getaway. Most people in the Midwest will recognize the getaway location that we call “Brown County”. This area is quite popular for a nice country retreat for a long weekend in Nature. The town of Nashville offers nice eateries, shops for souvenirs and wine tastings, etc.

This special award was dedicated as a memorial to Helen Trueblood. Since she was very much into flower arranging in addition to all sorts of plant societies, I chose a ceramic woody stem holder for this trophy. The winner of this trophy was the ADS 3 stem Intermediate ribbon since Helen was the 1st chairperson of the ADS Intermediates office. She always grew her flowers amazingly well, but never received the recognition she deserved. I remember 1 year, I ran behind her house to her flower beds to collection some blooms to enter for her show. One of those stems was considered for the Gold Ribbon and she couldn’t understand how that happened. The exhibitor of this special 1 time trophy at this show was Sue Luken. The photo of this trophy and entry below is self explanitory.

The Gold Ribbon, Snowboard, came from the single stems and I believe is a first time Gold Ribbon for Jim & Janet Wilson of Kentucky. When I congratulated them both, 1 at a time, Jim pointed to Janet and said “that’s hers”.

So, the next posting will be of the Cincinnati Show that was the very next day after the IDS show on Saturday April 14th. The show after that was the Niles Michigan Show that was desperate for blooms since winter would not release it’s grip in that area and even John Reed had very little open at that time.

The last show will be Joe Hamms this coming weekend in Washington PA.

So Stay Tuned! All these shows will be posted here as time permits me.

Happy Daffodiling!


The Gold Ribbon Winner for the Best single stem daffodil in show. Snowboard, exhibited by Janet and JIm Wilson. When congratulating Jim, he points to Janet. so, Congrats to both, but I guess Janet particularly. 🙂

The Gold Ribbon Winner (another position) for the Best single stem daffodil in show. Snowboard, exhibited by Janet and JIm Wilson. When congratulating Jim, he points to Janet. so, Congrats to both, but I guess Janet particularly. 🙂

The White Ribbon Winner for the best 3 stem entry in the show. Magic Lantern, exhibited by Lynn Courson.

The Mini Gold Ribbon for the best single stem miniature in the show. Medway Gold, taken from Suzy Werts Watrous Collection winner.

The Mini White ribbon winner for the best 3 stem miniature in show. Segovia, exhibited by Bruce Eveslage.

The Intermediate Single Stem winner, A seedling by Gary Knehans.

The Rose Ribbon Winner for the best seedling in Show. By Gary Knehans.

Best Youth Single Stem ribbon winner. Actae, by Thomas Kinder.

The 3 stem Youth Ribbon winner. Actae, exhibited by Thomas Kinder.

The Small Grower ribbon winner. Salome’ exhibited by Katie Martens.

The Best New Zealand Flower, Kiwi Magic, Exhibited by Diane Daleuski Cockerham

The 3 stem Intermediate Ribbon winner. Bonnies Jewel, exhibited by Sue Luken.

The Historic 3 stem AND single stem winners. Sweetness. Exhibited by Sara Kinne.

The Classic 3 Stem winner, Golden Aura, exhibited by Carolyn Cutshall.

The Lavender Ribbon winner for the best collection of 5 mini daffodils. Exhibited by Lynn Courson, the flower names are in the photo.

The Watrous Award winner, exhibited by Suzy Smucker Wert.

The Bozievich award winner exhibited by Lynn Slackman

The Quinn Award winner, exhibited by Suzy Suzy Smucker Wert

The Havens Award for the best collection of Daffodils from divisions 5 through 9. Exhibited by Gary Knehans.

The Red White & Blue award, exhibited by Gary Knehans, with flowers of (from top left), Seedling, Smooth Trumpet, Tuscarora, Seedling & Florida Orange.

The Intermediate 5 stem winner. By Gary Knehans. Flower names in the photo except for the front Row which are also seedlings and the lower right flower is the Rose Ribbon Winner for the best seedling in show.

The Historic 5 Stem winner. Exhibited by Lynn Courson. The flowers from top left are: Thalia, Mount Hood, Butter & Eggs, Sweetness and Stoke.

The Classic Single Stem winner, Prolog exhibited by Gary Knehans.

The Classic Cultivar ribbon winner, Festivity, exhibited by Carolyn Cutshall.

A very nice stem of Bodwannick exhibited by Gary Knehans.

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