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2018 Southwest Ohio Daffodil Society (SWODS) Show Winners

April 25, 2018

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Hello All
Our local SWODS show was held at the Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati’s Eden Park. Eden Park is a great place for nature
walking, seeing all sorts of different trees in full bloom, The Art Museum and a local venue for live acting called Playhouse
in the Park. a large man made concrete pond where Cincinnati holds formal gatherings. There are a couple of overlooks where
the Ohio River is shown quite a distance down in the valley.
The Daffodil show was in a large tent outside the green house, where there is a butterfly show every summer. So, in order to
tie into that theme of the Butterfly, SWODS offered a “Best Butterfly Daffodil” ribbon this year. Mary Lou Gripshover has
named a beautiful hybrid of hers “Eden Park”, so it’s appropriate that this flower wins the Intermediate single stem and 3
stem Ribbons in a show that is held in Eden Park.
It was a lot of fun, probably the best fun of any of the 7 shows I will attend this spring season. Photos below with

The next show posting will be the Niles Michigan Show, then this coming weekend in Joe Hamms show. By then, I will probably
pass out for a week or so.
Happy Viewing!

The intermediate 3 stem and single (top bloom). Eden Park, exhibited by Mary Lou Gripshover

The single stem intermediate was a GORGEOUS example of “Eden Park” bred and introduced and exhibited by Mary Lou Gripshover.

Profile of the Rose and Gold Ribbon Winner.

The Gold and Rose ribbons. All American X Geometrics. Registered this week with the name of “Margaret’s Grace”.

The Mini Gold for best single stem mini in show was exhibited by Naomi Liggett. Yellow Xit.

The Mini Rose for best mini seeling in the show was a 3W-YYO by Mary Lou Gripshover

The Mini White for the best 3 stem of a mini was N. Tenuior by Mike and Lisa Kuduk

The Intermediate 5 stem Winner from Mike & Lisa Kuduk. with Merlin, Pink China, My Sweetheart, Scarlet Tanager & Birthday Girl.

The single stem Youth Ribbon Winner was Dreamlight, by Jonah Hubert.

The 5 stem Youth Winner by Jonah Hubert with the flowers: Congress, Le Torch, Fortune, Warm Day and Pipit.

The 3 Stem Youth Ribbon Winner. Pipit, by Jonah Hubert.

The Small Grower Award winner was Warm Day, exhibited by Jonah Hubert.

The Classic Cultivar was Panache, from the 5 stem Classic collection. exhibited by Mike and Lisa Kuduk

Panache Profile.

the single stem historic, Beryl, by Nancy Gill.

the 3 stem historic, Beryl, by Nancy Gill.

This show is lucky enough to receive an award from Spud Brogden for the best single daffodil of New Zealand Breeding. The winner was Southern Command.

The single stem Classic, Golden Aura, by Carolyn Cutshall.

The Purple Ribbon Winner for the best 5 stem colleciton in show contained the flowers of: Silent Pink, Fulfillment, Seedling, Beautiful Silk, and Arctic Pink.

The Red White and Blue Ribbon for the best 5 stem american bred collection. The flowers are Conestoga, Smooth Trumpet, Seedling (Rose Ribbon) Iraquoise, and Resplendent.

The Kuduks Throckmorton Winner

The Bozievich Ribbon for the best collection of 12 stems from at least 4 divisions.

The 5 Stem Classic winner with the classic Culticar in the center. The flowers are Chiquita, Panache, Rark Moyle, Salome & Easter Moon. Exhibited by Mike and Lisa Kuduk.

The Maroon Ribbon Winner from Jim and Janet Wilson contained the flowers: Fleur D’luna, Altun Ha, Goffs Caye, Pryda & Satchmo.

The Lavender Ribbon Winner for the best 5 stem mini collection in show. by Kathleen Simpson, the flowers are: Yellow Xit, Hawera, Itsy Bitsy Splitsy, Angels Whisper, and Xit.

The 5 stem historic from Mike and lisa kuduk. The flowers are Moonshine, Seagull, Thalia, Dreamlight and Fairy Circle.

A very nice division 12 collection of 5 by Kathleen Simpson

This show offered a “Best Butterfly Daffodil” since our location Hosts a summer time Butterfly Show. This flower was also the Runner Up for the Mini Gold. Itsy Bitsy Splitsy, by Kathleen Simpson

a closeup of Step Child from the Kuduks.

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