Clay Higgins, New Jersey

VDS Show Richmond Continued.

April 2, 2018

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In Richmond VA On Saturday.

Best Intermediate was Watson Seedling 818 11aY-O.  Exhibited by Karen Cogar

Best Small Grower was Ginter Genis 5Y-Y by Jane Earle.  Unfortunately by picture didn’t take.  It looked double exposed.

Best Youth three Stems was Primeur 1Y-Y Exhibited by Tabb Hogge.

Best Historic was Beryl 6W-YYO exhibited by Peggy Bowdich.The best youth was Highfield Beauty 8Y-YYO exhibited by Elliot Burton

The mini Gold was Sabrosa in the Lavender exhibited by Karen Cogar.  Back row: Angel’s Breath 5Y-Y; Spoirot 10Y-Y:  Front Row: Bat Babbies: 10Y-Y; sabrosa 7Y-Y.


Mini Gold Sabrosa 7Y-Y

The mini Rose Ribbon in included in the back row of the Watrous Ribbon Left side Exhibited by Clay & Fran Higgins.  Back row:  Rose ribbon; Seedling 14-42 N. Obvallaris X Jonquil (N. Cordubensis) 7Y-Y with heavy substance; Itzy Bitzy Splitzy 11aY-O; kokopelli 7Y-Y; Shillingstone 8W-W; Mitzy 6W-W.  Front row: 11-31 Spoirot x Bulbo 10Y-Y; minnow 8W-Y; Stoken 7Y-Y; Fran-a-Belle 5Y-Y; 14-152 Gull X jonquil 7Y-Y; Kiera Bulbs KS GFB1-7W-W-1-2015 7W-W; N. jonquilla 13Y-Y.



Mini rose ribbon;

I just added in the names and color codes of the Lavender and Watrous. So they are now included.



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  1. Clay Higgins, New Jersey Clay Higgins, North Carolina says:

    I have updated this post to include the names of the daffodils in the Lavender and the Watrous.