Tom Stettner, Ohio

2018 Joe Hamms Show in Washington PA

May 2, 2018

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Hello my fellow Daffodil Enthusiasts
So,last weekend Joe Hamm held his show at his home in Washington PA. 

Joe dedicated this show to the memory of Helen Trueblood who passed from among us last year. 

I felt compelled to offer a trophy for a specific ADS winner at this show, so Joe also supported that extra effort and
Fredrica Lawlor created a special ribbon for the winner. We all had a discussion to decide which ADS winner to award this 
trophy to. It was decided that the trophy would be awarded to the ADS Single Stem Intermediate Ribbon Winner. 

This decision was made since Helen was the 1st ADS Chair of the Intermediates office and supported that effort very well
growing many of the newer cultivars so well, that she frequently won the ADS 5 stem intermediate ribbon many times during her
Chair of that office and even afterwards as well. 

The Trophy was purchased from one of the artisans of the Nashville Indiana area that is popular in the Midwest for vacations
and getaways. The trophy is a smaller iridescent swirled glass vase that seemed to be a perfect pick to me as it reflects 
what I think Helens personality is. Photos of the flower, the trophy, and the exhibitor who won the trophy are included in
the below collection of photos from this show. 

Sadly, this is my last show and report for the 2018 season. But, I am slowly eased into the summer by other plants that 
start to come into season now. 

I hope everyone has a great year ahead. 

The Gold Ribbon Winner for best in show. Terminator, exhibited by Mitch & Cate Carney.

The White Ribbon Winner AND the Historic 3 stem AND the Historic single stem (lower right) Dinky, by Mitch & Kate Carney.

The Single Stem Historic winnier, Dinky, exhibited by Mitch & cate Carney.

The Mini Gold winner, Fairy Chimes by Naomi Liggett.

The Mini Rose Ribbon, Gold Bells Open Pollenated. By Mitch & Cate Carney.

The Mini White ribbon winner for the best 3 stem mini in show. Crevette, by Mitch & cate Carney.

Best Single Stem Intermediate Single Stem Pogo, which is the winner of the Helen Trueblood Memorial Trophy of an Artisan Iridescent smaller glass vase from the artists of Nashville Indiana in Brown County.

The special trophy winner as a memorial for Helen Trueblood. Best Intermediate single stem, Pogo, from the 5 stem intermediate ribbon winner. Exhibited by Richard Ezell.

The Trueblood Award Donated by Tom Stettner and scheduled in the show by Joe Hamm and supported with a special ribbon by Fredrica Lawlor. This show was dedicated in memory of Helen.

The 3 stem classic and cultivar classic (right stem) Angel.

The Classic Cultivar Ribbon. Angel.

The single stem Classic Golden Aura. Exhibited by Georgine M.

The Best New Zealand Stem, News Flash, Exhibited by Richard Ezell.

The runner up New Zealand Winner, Tanaka, by Betty Keahler

The Small Grower Ribbon winner, Tahiti, by Jean Davis.

The Red White & Blue Ribbon Winner for the best 5 stem entry of all Amercian Bred Daffodils. Exhibited by Richard Ezell, the flowers are Lakawanna, Kathy Andersen, Mt Nitany, Katie Page & Marais.

The Watrous Winner. Exhibited by Mitch and Kate Carney.

The Intermediate 5 stem winner, exhibited by Richard Ezell. The Single Stem intermediate win on the far right is Pogo. This is a special trophy winner as a memorial for Helen Trueblood. The flowers are: Paige, Equation, Pogo, Filskit & Mighty Mite.

The Historic 5 stem collection winner. Exhibited by Mitch & Cate Carney. the flowers are: Grehy Lady, Dinky, Dreamlight, Aurelia & Snow King.

The Lavender Ribbon Winner, with the Mini Gold winner on the far left. Exhibited by Naomi Liggett. The flowers are: Fairy Chimes, Segovia, Twinkling Yellow, Little Rusky & Clare.

Straale, by Mike and Lisa Kuduk

Sloe Gin, by Sara KInne.

Mini Double, Pencrebar.

Mesa Verde.

Little Kibler from the Watrous collection winner. Exhibited by Mitch & Kate Carney.

Final Curtain


Intermediate 3 stem Starbrook by Sara Kinne

The Maroon Ribbon Winner, exhibited by Mitch and Cate Carney. The flowers are: Carib Gipsy, Xunantunich, Seedling (Rose Ribbon, Misty Meadow & Helford Dawn.

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