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Joe Hamm’s Daffodils featured on CBS and blog

May 3, 2018

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As many of you know, American Daffodil Society member Joe Hamm is a long-time historic daffodil expert. Last week, Joe was featured on a local CBS television station as well as interviewed by garden blogger, Doug Oster. Another America Daffodil Society member, Georgine Materniak, introduced Doug Oster to Joe’s beautiful daffodil garden.

Enjoy this video which is the interview of garden blogger Doug Oster about his visit to Joe’s Daffodil Hortus:

CBS Video of Doug Oster, Garden blogger about Joe Hamm’s historic daffodils. 

Also, below is a link to Mr. Oster’s article he posted on his blog with a wonderful amount of detail about about his visit with Joe and Joe’s daffodil garden:

“Daffodil Hortus in Washington County is Joseph Hamm’s paradise”  by Doug Oster, April 24th 2018.

Joseph Hamm’s Daffodil Hortus in Washington County is one of the greatest collections of daffodils in the state.











Thank you Doug Oster for permission to post this photo.



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