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Daffodil Digging Time

June 14, 2018

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It’s daffodil digging time again.  I’m hard at it, and will have a lot of bulbs to sale, or to dispose of one way or another this fall.  If you would like a list of my bulbs that are available, send me a note at and I will send the list to you as soon as I have it ready.

It’s almost like the famous quote that I like to slaughter, “the rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated.”  Since I said I was moving to NJ, everyone thinks I am out of the daffodil world.  That’s not the case.  However, what is the case is that I’m going to have too many daffodils to move all of them.  Where I may have 14 to 21 bulbs of a variety planted now, I plan on taking maybe three or four total bulbs of that variety to NJ, and let them build up again there.

My seedlings are worth my crying about.  I have so many good ones, and I wasn’t able to evaluate them because of 5 coastal storms that hit during daffodil season this year.  I’m determined to move as many of them as possible this year and hope to evaluate them better next year.

I have a big job cut out for myself.


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