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New Zone 3-7 Daffodil Primer

June 25, 2018

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Good morning!

We have a new item in the WebStore. It is a Zone 3-7 Daffodil Primer thanks to the hard work of Suzy Wert, Jim Wilson and Sara Kinne as well as Lynn Slackman who has this posted on our homepage in the upper right hand corner. This link will take you directly to our home page to see it where you can click on the link which will take you to the WebStore. On the WebStore it will be listed under the Publications tab or click on this link to take you directly there

This is a concise and well thought out publication that hits on all the basics. There is cultural information on planting, fertilizing, digging, curing and all the other growing and caring advice every new member of the American Daffodil Society should know about growing Daffodils in this planting zone range.

There is some information on showing as well as a list of sources for purchasing Daffodil bulbs. And, it even touches on hybridizing.

The various Divisions we categorize Daffodils is presented with a visual reference that clearly shows what is described. My favorite is the back cover with a full color image that clearly explains how our color coding system works.

I have only touched on a few of the highlights. There is even more well distilled advice for the new Daffodil grower to find.

This primer is offered at the ridiculous price of $5 each. We are giving a $1 off each or 20% discount on orders of 20 or more. This is to encourage local clubs to keep these on hand for their new members. Every new member of the American Daffodil Society will receive a complimentary copy as part of their welcome package.

Please check it out.



4 responses to “New Zone 3-7 Daffodil Primer”

  1. Darrin Ellis-May, Georgia Darrin Ellis-May, Georgia says:

    Frank, is this available as an e-publication or PDF?

  2. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio says:

    Do we still send this out to new members?  Seems like we used to, but one that wasn’t so nice looking.

  3. Darrin Ellis-May, Georgia Darrin Ellis-May says:

    Yes, Mary Lou, Frank said that it will be sent to all new members.

    Darrin Ellis-May

  4. ADS Executive Director ADS Executive Director says:


    At the moment we don’t have an e-version. We should be able to do this. Let me look into it (ie put it “on the list”)