Osprey nest

July 3, 2018

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DaffNetters –

Many of you have been to an ADS convention (or two!)  in Portland, Oregon and enjoyed a bus tour to the Pacific Coast.  Seaside, Oregon was usually the first stop on the coast where you walked the beach.

I thought some  might be interested in a webcam there that’s focused on an Osprey nest.


There are three chicks in the nest in Broadway Park, Seaside, Oregon and they are growing fast.

The first egg was laid around May 1st and hatched sometime between June 8th and 9th. Over the past month the chicks have been eating fish and growing bigger and bigger each day. They already have their pinfeathers.

It’s not your eyes – in the last few days the image has been a little blurry. 

During the last rainstorm, the lens became smeared.  It’s hoped that it’s just condensation and  will go away when it gets a little warmer, or if it is debris, it will wash off when it rains again.

2 responses to “Osprey nest”

  1. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio says:

    Thanks for posting this, Linda.  Very interesting.

  2. Jolene Laughlin, Louisiana Jolene Laughlin says:

    Yes! This is really neat. Thank you for sharing.

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