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Throckmorton bulbs wanted

September 24, 2018

Categories: Daffodil Types, General, Standards

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Friends, today I received a request through DaffLibrary from Nyla Throckmorton.  She wanted to know where she could obtain any of Dr. Tom Throckmorton’s daffodils.  She writes:

“Unfortunately during a harsh winter in Iowa all of his daffodils in our garden perished. Is there any way I can obtain more of his daffodil bulls. I remember you sending many bulbs to Coughton Court the Throckmorton estate in England where they have an amazing Daffodil garden dedicated to Uncle Tom. I would appreciate any information where I may get any of his bulbs. Needless to say we are so disappointed to not have any of his bulbs to enjoy.”

So if any of you know where she can get bulbs, or perhaps have extra bulbs, please contact her at  title=

Many thanks,

Mary Lou

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