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Narcissus deficiens?

October 21, 2018

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The name N. deficiens is sometimes used for N. miniatus. It is derived from an old description of a Narcissus that flowered in cultivation that did not have a corona but instead a brown smudge at the edge of the tube.  It is not N. miniatus because the drawing of the flower shows that it had leaves at the time it flowered and N. miniatus does not make leaf blades at the time it flowers. Unfortunately no type specimen of N. deficiens was made and it is impossible to assetain what that plant might have been.

I wondered, if perhaps, N. deficiens might have been the natural hybrid between  N. obsoletus (syn. N. elegans) and N. cavanillesii so I made the hybrid in 2012, using the tazetta as the pod parent and stored N. cav. pollen. I got 15 seeds and all germinated. Three plants flowered last year and they turned out to be the same as the pod parent and I thought the cross had not taken, but this year an additional plant has flowered which has much narrower leaves and now the corona is also very much reduced. There are an additional three plants with very narrow leaves but they will not flower this year. It appears that the cross did result in a few hybrid plants after all.

Anyway here is the picture and a close-up. You may find it interesting.

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