Chinese Sacred Lily highly fertile offspring

February 16, 2019

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I produced the first ever batch of Single Chinese Sacred Lily seeds about 10 years ago using pollen from various true tazettas. Many excellent big vigorous polyploid plants resulted, including this one which is ridiculously fertile! It closely resembles and has the same amazing scent as Single Chinese except for having the stigma recessed deeply down the tube, below the lower anthers. This is a full head of 9!! FAT pods. The variability in the size of seeds within each o.p. seed pod, along with overall size of plant and flower suggests triploidy. (It is not unusual at all for triploid tazettas to bear fat pods of seed–after all, they don’t read the books!). Clearly it doesn’t require the warm conditions to set seed that it’s mother does for although the weather ever since Thanksgiving this season has been fantastic from a growing standpoint, it has been pathetic from a hybridizing standpoint (too rainy and never hot).

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One Response to Chinese Sacred Lily highly fertile offspring

  1. Larry Force, Mississippi
    Larry Force, Mississippi
    February 18, 2019 at 4:31 am

    Interesting information Bill, it sure looks to be extremely fertile, thanks for posting.