Margaret Ford

February 8, 2019

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Dear ADS friends:
I just learn Margaret Ford, wife of Skip Ford, passed today. She was an ADS judge, avid daffodil grower and shower here in my home state of Virginia. I know many remember her as she and Skip attended many conventions.

6 responses to “Margaret Ford”

  1. Jaydee Ager, Georgia Jaydee Ager says:

    So very sad to learn this. Just a wonderful lady and such a pleasure to be around.

    Jaydee Atkins Ager
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  2. Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland Brian Duncan says:

    Betty and I are so sorry to have this news. Such a lovely lady. We had the pleasure of being house guests of Skip and Margaret and they visited us here in Northern Ireland.

    Our sincere condolences to Skip – we had good times together at conventions and on the golf course. Ah, time and people pass!

    Betty & Brian

  3. Clay Higgins, New Jersey Clay Higgins, North Carolina says:

    Skip, Ceci, Jaydee, and all others that know Margaret Ford,

    We were traveling by car from NJ to NC today and just learned that Margaret Ford passed. Fran and I are so sorry to hear the news. We considered Margaret and Skip personal friends and always looked them up at daffodil shows and meeting.  It is such a loss to the daffodil world that Margaret is no longer with us.  I have so many memories of the two that it would fill a book.


  4. Janet Hickman, Virginia says:

    There is a lovely article in the Richmond, VA, newspaper about Margaret and how she spread the joy of daffodils to children.  The full article is available in DaffLibrary under People.


  5. Marty Ross says:

    Janet, thanks for this. I couldn’t get to DaffLIbrary, but here’s a link to the paper, for anyone who is interested.

    Margaret and Skip showed their daffodils in Gloucester County forever. I especially remember what nice people they were, to a total stranger, and what marvelous minis they had on the show bench, and the awards table. Thank you! M

  6. Ceci says:

    This past year has been a sad year for the ADS especially the VDS as three
    of our beloved members have died Margaret Ford, Katherine Beale and Patty
    Bragdon. It will be especially sad this year attending our regional shows
    and meetings in both Richmond and northern virginia and not seeing both
    katherine and the Fords. I have been a member of the VDS almost since it
    began when Lewis B Ginter Botanical Garden first formed and watch the
    Garden grow from a field to its present day goreous site. In the begining
    we met each year one sunday in October at the orginal home of Ginter and
    showed the second saturday in April in a tent. Later our shows would move
    indoor as Ginter grew first the rotundo and finally in the education
    building. It has been wonderful to be part Ginter and the members of VDS
    as I grew in my own skills in growing and showing daffodils. They all were
    my mentors. Remembering all those who passed especially my own mom,
    Elizabeth C Brown, Bill Pannill, Fran and Raymond Lewis, the Vances, and so
    many others. They all are together now looking down on us as new members
    join the VDS and ‘talk daffodil and keep the yellow fever spirit’.