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Tazettas by Bill Welch

February 28, 2019

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I wanted to share the many wonderful tazettas supplied by Bill Welch in California, like him my favorite division is 8 and the division I mostly hybridize in. I have many unusual crosses in the works but only time will tell if they’re successful.

Here is possibly the largest florets of any “true” tazetta I’ve ever seen (no poeticus lineage). I am astonished by this cross and will be using it in my breeding extensively. It is not named yet but includes Gloriousus and Grand Monarque:

This photo shows that the hybrid on the bottom is roughly double the size of Avalanche on top:

Rachel Esther:

Yellow butterfly o.p:

These have a new incredible scent in tazettas, very powerful jonquil smell. These flowers last for weeks on end.

Autumn colors x 4n Paperwhite x jonquilla:


Nicoles Favorite:

Nicknamed “Giant Y Aval” huge bulbs and plant:

One of my favorites nicknamed “22” because it often has 22 flowers per stem. Very nice fragrance and very early:

My favorite Autumn colors from October which will be used to darken cups of other hybrids with larger florets:

Shauna rose:

Golden Rain:

Another angle of Gloriosus x Grand monarque:

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