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2019 East Tennessee Daffodil Society (ETDS) Show

March 18, 2019

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Hi all my Daffy friends. 
This past weekend, March 16th, The East Tennessee Daffodil Society had their show at the usual venue of the UT 
Horticulture Center (Ellington Hall) on the Agriculture campus.

It was a small show, but thanks to the later season of the more southern contingency, there were some very nice and not often
shown flowers. The Gold ribbon was a stand out stem of Stoke Charity, exhibited by Greg Freeman which was just about as 
bright white as the poets. The next show is the Kentucky Daffodil & Bulb Society Show in a couple weeks. 


The White Ribbon Winner for the best entry of 3 stems of the same variety. Elegant Queen, exhibited by Lynn Ladd.

Gold Ribbon Winner for the Best Standard Daffodil in Show, Stoke Charity, Exhibited by Greg Freeman.

The Mini Gold Winner for the best single stem miniature in the show was Minnow, exhibited by Alan Haas.

The Mini White Ribbon winner for the best 3 stem miniature entry in the show was Pixies Sisters, Exhibited by Bonnie Campbell.

The Single Stem Intermediate, Jeanie Driver, exhibited by Greg Freeman, taken from the winning Bozievich entry.

The Intermediate 3 stem winner, a beautiful Bantam, exhibited by Darrin Ellis-May.

The Small Grower Ribbon winner, Avalanche, Exhibited by Brenda Gregory.

The Rose Ribbon Winner for the best Seedling (new, un-named variety) in the show. A very nice white Daffodil (the lower righty bloom) bred from Stoke Charity X Cool Shades.

The Mini Rose Ribbon winner for the best miniature seedling in the show was a stem of N. Jonq. Fernandesii Open Pollenated, exhibited by Nancy Robinson.

The Historic Single Stem winner, Butter and Eggs, exhibited by Darrin Ellis-May.

The Red White & Blue Ribbon winner for the best 5 stem collection of American breeding in the show was exhibited by Lynn Ladd with the flowers of Denali, Conestoga, Smooth Trumpet, Work of Art and Canyon Wren.

The lavender ribbon winner for the best 5 stem miniature collection in the show. Exhibited by Bonnie Campbell with the flowers of, Pixies Sisters, Bebop, N. Jonquilla, White Petticoat, and Golden Bells Group.

The Historic 3 stem winner, Actea, exhibited by Darrin Ellis-May.

Galyon Award for Best Orange/Red – Carolina Sunset, Exhibited by Darrin Ellis-May

The Purple Ribbon Winner for the best 5 stem collection of standard Daffodils in the show. A division 2 collection exhibited by Lynn Ladd with the flowers of Elegant Queen, Conestoga, River Queen, Golden Goal and Golden Aura.

Part of the White Ribbon Winner. a great specimen of “Elegant Queen” exhibited by Lynn Ladd.

The Classic Single Stem and cultivar Winners was Glenwherry exhibited by Bonnie Campbell

The Classic 3 stem winner, uhhhhhhhh….. Ice Follies, exhibited by Stacey Wilson.

The Bozievich award for the best collection of 12 standard Daffiodils from at least 4 divisions. This winning collection contained the best in show and the intermediate single stem winners. The flowers are: Rathowen Gold, Savoir Faire, Feline Queen, Stoke Charity, Sammie Girl, Duncan 3411, Seedling 2W-W, Forged Gold, Mesa Verde, Katrina Rea, Tuggle 8Y-O and Jeanie Driver.

Blue Ribbon winner – Collection of 5 Pinks, Exhibited by Darrin Ellis-May with the flowers of, Precocious, Barbet, Icelandic Pink, Roseworthy & Katie Heath.

Blue Ribbon Winner – Xit, exhibited by Darrin Ellis-May

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