Tom Stettner, Ohio

2019 Georgia Daffodil Society (GDS) Show

March 18, 2019

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Hello all my fellow Narcissophiles!
The Georgia Daffodil Society Held there show at the typical venue of the Chattahoochee Nature Center in Roswell Georgia,
Just a bit north of Atlanta. 

The exciting thing for me was being surprised to see the exhibitor of the Gold ribbon winner, the John Lipscomb Estate!. What 
an awesome thing to see!. There were several top quality blooms exhibited by Johns Estate which are also shown in the photos

Also, an exciting experience was to see the Rose Ribbon winner which was a Katrina Rea Seedling exhibited by Greg Freeman. 
It was a wonderful start to the season for us eastern Midwest folks. 

Photos below. descriptions may have spelling errors, but I think you'll get the point. 

Blue Ribbon Win – Southern Hospitality, Exhibited by the John Lipscomb Estate.

Gold Ribbon for Best in Show – Hot Gossip, Exhibited by the John Lipscomb Estate

Best Intermediate, Abercrombie Award, and GDS Award for Horticultural Excellence. Brooke Ager, Exhibited by Janet Loyd.

The White Ribbon for the best 3 stem of a single cultivar. Hot Gossip, exhibited by Greg Freeman

Blue Ribbon Win – 3 Stem Southern Hospitality, Exhibited by the John Lipscomb Estate.

Mini Best in Show. Minnow, exhibited by Betsy Abrams.

Mini White Ribbon for the best 3 stem mini in show. Minnow, exhibited by Betsy Abrams.

Rose Ribbon for best Seedling in show. Breeding of (Katrina Rae X Koopowitz KK208) Coded as 6W-GYO. Exhibited by Greg Freeman.

Classic Single Stem Ribbon, Bambi. Exhibited by Bonnie Campbell.

Red, White & Blue Ribbon winner for the best american bred 5 stem collection. Flowers are: Pipit, Kedron, Golden Echo, Katie Heath & Puppet. Exhibited by Betsy Abrams.

Small Grower Ribbon winner. Holland Sensation, exhibited by Tim Harper.

From the Lavender Ribbon winning collection, Pixel. Not often shown in shows. Exhibited by Greg Freeman

The mini container award, Tete A Tete.. Exhibited by Carolyn Hawkins.

Lavender Ribbon winner for the best 5 stem mini entry in show. The flowers are Jonquilla Henrequisii, Tanagra, Minnow, Pixel and Mite. Exhibited by Greg Freeman

The Historic 5 stem ribbon AND Purple Ribbon Winner with flowers of Mt Hood, Erlicheer, Emperor, Beryl & Ornatus. Exhibited by Betsy Abrams.

3 stem historic winner, Ornatus. Exhibited by Betsy Abrams.

Historic Single Stem winner, Grand Primo Citroniere. Exhibited by Barrington Hall

Classic 5 Stem award, with flowers of Accent, Tahiti, Bella Vista, Pueblo & Pipit. Exhibited by Betysy Abrams

Classic 3 Stem winner, Honey Bird, exhibited by Bonnie Campbell.

The Bozievich Award For the best 12 stem standard daffodil entry from at least 4 divisions. Exhibited by Greg Freeman. The flowers are Terminator, Rescind, Gold Fusion, Pimento, Lemon Puff, Miss Primm, Hope House, Vinisky Seedling, Exhibitor Seedling of “Bailey X Red Storm”, the Rose Ribbon Winner & Hot Lava.

The Bankhead award for the best collection of 9 miniature daffodils from several divisions. Exhibited by Janet Loyd, the flowers are N. Jonquilla, Little Cuda, Baby Boomer, Minnow, Clare, Oxford Gold, Willkomii, Tete A Tete, and Tiny Bubbles.

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