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2019 Washington Daffodil Society Show – collections

April 15, 2019

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The final post in this set will cover five stem and higher collections.

WDS has several special awards for five stem collections, some of which share characteristics with collection calsses at the National Show. There are also some fairly unique collection classes, such as for parent-daughter cultivars, as well as for ten white daffodils. The quality of all of the winners in these classes was exceptionally high, as can be seen in the photos below:

WDS Havens Award, Janet Hickman. Top row: “Whitman”, “Queue Jumper”, “Sugar Cups”, “Sugar Rose”, “Motmot”, “Glint”. Bottom row: “Fencourt Jewel”, “Chat”, “Yellow Ocean”, “Starlight Sensation”, “World Class”, “Iwora”

WDS Crenshaw award for 10 whites in at least three divisions, Kathy Welsh. “SIlver Blaze”, “Crystal Blanc”, “Louise Randall”, “Cover Story”, “Homestead”. Bottom row: “Glasnevin:, “areley Kings”, “Peggy Macneale”, “Protocol”, “High Cotton”

WDS Quinn Award, Karen Cogar. Top row: “River Crossing”, “Temba”, “Homestead”, “Banker”, “Leslie (gold ribbon)”, “Nynja”. Top middle row: “Best Friend”, “Conestoga”, “Clouded Yellow”, “Gay Kybo”, “Chesapeake Bay”, “Tanzey Girl”. Bottom middle row: “Spindletop”, “Butter Silk”, “Connamon Ring”, “Gellymill”, “Geometrics”, “My Sunshine”. Bottom row: “Radjel”, “Poets Way”, “Aberfoyle”, “Nite Games”, “Wee Cracker”, “Sugar Rose”

WDS Lawler Award for pinks, Kathy Welsh, “Contralto”, “Great Joy”, “American Idol”, “Songket”, “Sweet Lorraine”

WDS Purple Ribbon and Butterworth Award for daffodils in five different decades, Karen Cogar, “Altun Ha”, “Tanzey Girl”, “Banker”, “Washington Gold”, “River Queen”

WDS Red-White-Blue Ribbon, Karen Cogar, “Excitement”, “Simply Stunning”, “Lara”, “River Crossing”, “Cinnamon Ring”

WDS Intermediate Collection Ribbon, “La Traviata”, “Pogo” (best intermediate), “Scarlet Tanager”, “Dreamlight”, “Verdant Meadow”

WDS CLassic Collection Ribbon, Bridget Bryant, “Ceylon”, “Tahiti”, “Bridal Crown”, “Tracet”, “Stratosphere”

WDS Historic Collection Ribbon, Robert Darling, “Brunswick”, “Bath’s Flame”, “Ludlow”, “Seagull”, “Madame de Graff”

WDS Wheeler Award for cultivars originating in Australia and/or New Zealand, Bob and Lina Huesmann, “Graffiti”, “Duration”, “Prodigious”, “Valley Moon”, “Rokeby”

WDS King Award for red/orange cupped daffodils, Anne Donnell SMith, “Bright SPot”, “Classic Garden”, “Penstrase”, “Hot Lava”, “Menehay”

WDS DIvisions 5 through 9 Award, Karen Cogar, “Poet’s Way”, “Vinisky 96-243a”, “Yellow Dello”, “Yellow Ocean”, “Sugar Rose”

WDS The Daffodil Society Award for five cultivars which originated in the British Isles, “Glen Alladale”, “Fragrant Rose”, “Killearnan”, “Bunclody”, “Mowser”

WDS Mary Koonce Award for parent and daughter, Karen Cogar, “Homestead” and “Easter Moon”

WDS Rimmed Cup Award, the Huesmanns, “Bee Mabley”, “Rimmon”, “CInnamon Ring”, “Colley Gate”, “Best Friend”

WDS Battle Award for all yellow daffodils, Kathy Welsh, “Miss Primm”, “Sideling Hill”, “Ombersley”, “Golden Aura”, “Maya Princess”

WDS Weiss Award for white daffodils, the Huesmanns, “Crystal Blanc”, “Polly’s Pearl”, “River Queen”, “Louise Randall”, “Outer Rim”

WDS Maroon Ribbon, the Carneys, “Whacko”, “Lighthouse Reef”, “Satchmo”, “Lavalier”, “Limehurst”

WDS Bozievich Award, Janet Hickman. Back row: “Angel’s Goblet”, “The FIghting Mick”, “Centenary Gold”, “Savoir Faire”, “Highgrove”, “Cleric”. Front row: “Colin’s Joy”, “Yellow OCean”, “Blisland”, “Snowy Canyon”, “Green Linnet”, “Maya Dynasty”

WDS Havens Award, Kathy Welsh. Top row: “Lavender Mist”, “Loch Lundie”, “Silken Sails”, “Ombersley”, “Papasan”. Middle row: “Treasure Hunt”, “Lynx”, “Celeste Aida”, “Elusive”, “Pacific Rim”. Bottom row: “Kahurangi”, “Young Blood”, “Intrigue”, “Protocol”, “Mesa Verde”

WDS Tuggle Award, Kathy Welsh. From back left to front right: “Glenfarclas”, “Golden Aura”, “Carib Gypsy”, “Tristrma”, “Three Oaks”, “Oregon Trail”, “Spindletop”, “Hot Gossip”, “Conestoga”, “Maya Dynasty”, “Killearnan”, “Rapture”

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  1. David Adams, New Zealand
    April 16, 2019 at 2:32 am

    We appreciate such a full report. Thanks


  2. Glenna Graves, Virginia
    April 16, 2019 at 3:27 am

    Thank you Kuduk’s!