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2019 Washington Daffodil Society Show – miniature results

April 15, 2019

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The Washington Daffodil Society held its sixty-ninth annual show this past weekend in Alexandria, Virginia at the Alexandria Scottish Rite Temple. The Temple is shrouded in history, as George Washington and several of the other founding fathers of our nation were members there, just as Judge Carey Quinn, Bill Ticknor, and Roberta Watrous were founding members of both the Washington as well as the American Daffodil Societies.

The quality of the show was at convention level, and with over 1700 blooms present, it looked and felt much like a national show. Nearly every ADS award offered was rewarded, as well as many local awards. We will cover the show in three seperate posts, and will include all of the miniatures in this post.

The miniature gold ribbon was won by Bob and Lina Huesmann, with an excellent example ot “Angel’s Whisper”. It was the center flower in a vase of three. The Mini White was part of the Mini Bronze collection, won by the Carneys.  Kathy Welsh won the Koopowitz collection of 24 with a diverse set of cultivars and species.  Karen Cogar, noted for her standards, won the Mini Red-White-Blue and Lavender with the same collection. Here are the photos:

Mini Koopowitz, shown by Kathy Welsh. Back row: “n. cordubensis, “sundial”, “Yellow Xit”, “Hawera”, “Segovia”, “n. incurvicervicus”, “Xit”, “Twinkling Yellow”, “Little Kibler”, “Angel’s Whisper”, “Itsy Bitsy Splitsy”, “Snipe”. Back row: “n. trandrus pallidus”, “n. assoanus”, “Little Rusky”, “n. jonquilla”, “little Becky”, “n. rupicola”, “Sabrosa”, “Yellow Fever”, “Little Oliver (reserve mini gold)”, “Tiny Bubbles”, “n. bulbocodium”, “n. wilkommii”

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