Barn Show

April 28, 2019

Category: General

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Another great day at the barn. Joe Hamm won with the best Fragrant Roses (Gold and White) I have ever seen. Look for Toms pictures in near future.

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One Response to Barn Show

  1. Joe Hamm, Pennsylvania
    May 11, 2019 at 10:19 am

    It is my pleasure to host this show.This year I dedicated the show to honor Tag Bourne.

    She always made me confortable and made Daffodils fun for me.. she was one of my mentors.

    We have added two Awards to the ‘Barn Show”, One honoring Spud Bogden (for the Best N.Z. bloom) and the other honoring Helen Trueblood (the Original Barn Show) (3 stems each of  3 different Intermediates. (3 Vases of 3 stems)

    As usual the Party was enjoyed by all!