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2019 ADS Gold and Silver Medal Recipients

May 9, 2019

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We are proud to announce and congratulate the 2019 ADS Gold and Silver Medal Recipients awarded on May 3, 2019 at the American Daffodil Society Convention in Bloomington, MN;

William (Bill) Welch from Santa Cruz, California (Gold)

Photo of Bill Welch

Thank you ‘Jan Fetler’ for this photo of Bill Welch

The Gold Medal of the American Daffodil Society is awarded to an individual deemed by the Honors Committee as being worthy of “recognition of creative work of a pre-eminent nature in the understanding and advancement of daffodils”.
Mary Darling from Washington, DC (Silver)
Mary Darling

The Silver Medal of the American Daffodil Society is awarded to an individual deemed by the Honors Committee as being worthy of “recognition of outstanding service to the American Daffodil Society.”
Both of these ADS Medal Recipients have many accomplishments and accolades which will be revealed in an article for the upcoming The Daffodil Journal. You can currently review their accomplishments from the ADS Medal Recipients pages of the ADS website.

If anyone has a ‘glamour shot‘ of Bill or Mary that we can include with their article in The Daffodil Journal, please email them to Jolene at  title=.
Congratulations to both of our worthy 2019 ADS Medal Recipients!

One Response to 2019 ADS Gold and Silver Medal Recipients

  1. John McLennan, New Zealand
    John McLennan, New Zealand
    May 12, 2019 at 2:48 am

    Congratulations  to  both  Mary  and  Bill ,  awards  well  deserved.

    Mothers  Day  here  in  NZ  as I  type :  a  busy  week  in  the  flower  markets . All  the  daffs  I  have  marketed  in the  last  few  weeks , well  received  in  the  markets  as  it  is  still  very  early  season ,  have  come  from  seed  supplied  by  ” Bill  the  Bulb  Baron “.

    Bill  has been  extremely  generous  in  supplying  seed  to  daff breeders world  wide .From  seed  sown  by  Max  Hamilton  we  have  the  great  tazetta line  of  Tahi ,  Rua  ,  Toru etc .Very  vigorous early  flowers  with  a  big  future  in  the  cut  flower  trade . Toru  is  tall  and  strong , my  personal  favourite .

    From  paperwhite  seed  sent to  John  Hunter  I  have  about  10  very  good  forms ;  chosen  both  by  John  and  Diane  Irwin . All  are  considerable  improvements  on  the  previous  paperwhites  grown .Thanks  Bill  for  the  amazing  work  you  have done ,  over  many  decades ,  to  advance  the early multiheads . Perhaps not  as  glamorous  as  producing  exceptional  show  winning  champions  but  they are  truly  appreciated  internationally  and  will  be  a  treat  for  Kiwi  mums  for  the  next  few days  and  for  another  month  or  so in  the  start  of  the  Kiwi  spring .

    You  are  probably  collecting  seed  now  in  Southern  California  and  Mary  is enjoying  the  last  of  the  main  season show  flowers, –  well  done  to  you  both .