Tom Stettner, Ohio

2019 ADS National Convention Show Winners and standouts

May 25, 2019

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Hello Friends

The Convention was held in the Hilton Minneapolis Bloomington. Since it was so late, there seemed to have been a perception that it would be a very small show, but over 1600 stems was quite respectable for this convention, I think.

The Gold Ribbon was awarded to a 2YYW-Y  seedling of the Havens which was also the intermediate single stem winner. The subtle colors of this flower are challenging to capture.

I included quite a few photos of flowers that are not often noted in shows around the country. Also, you’ll see some awards that might be missing here. I was called to assist in a humanitarian effort that required enough time to keep me away from the rest of the show. So my apologies for missing some of the award photos. Especially the purple ribbon which was the 5 stem intermediate award winner. Also, a new exhibitor won the Dutch award (that looks like I also missed) and was a student in the judging school before convention. She made quite an extraordinary effort to attend this show with flowers in tow over a 2 day period across the country.

This sadly concludes my photos of the 9 shows that I visited this show season. I wish you all the greatest pleasure in your gardening experiences and may you receive amazing blessings of flowers and plants in your endeavors this year and next.

Until next time, enjoy these final photos of the season.


Intermediate and Gold Havens seedling SH32/2, 2YYW-Y: Exhibited by Dianne Mrak

Different View – Intermediate and Gold Havens seedling SH32/2, 2YYW-Y: Exhibited by Dianne Mrak

White Ribbon Winner. Killearnan, Exhibited by John Reed

Mini Gold Kiera Seedling Richard Ezell

Mini White Sun Disc, Exhibited by Diane Bowditch

MINI Rose Mary Lou Gripshover 08-18A 9W-GYR

Mini RW and Blue Diane Mrak. Flowers of: Shaws Gift, Kokopeli, Little Kibler, Itsy Bitsy Splitsy & Shaws Legacy.

Bender Award Win. Reed Seedling 2007-52 a 2Y-O

Bender Award Win. Profile view Reed Seedling 2007-52 a 2Y-O

Youth Single Stem winner. Sweetness, exhibited by Rylee malavaise

NZ Winner, exhibited by Dianne Mrak., Flowers of Flying High, Egmont Star, Star Cluster, Narell & Fencourt Jewel.

Bankhead award win exhibited by Kathy Andersen

Australian Award win, exhibited by Rose Bradley

Carncairn award winner. Flowers are: Tamar Fire, Whispering Pink, Rockin Goose, Fragrant Rose & Hot Lava. Exhibited by Rose Bradly

Maroon Ribbon, exhibited by Rose Bradley. Flowers of: Animal Crackers, Advance Party, Trumpet Warrior, Easter Chick & Lemon Desire.

Watrous Award. Exhibited by the Carneys

Stars and Stripes Winner, exhibited by Dianne Mrak

Small Grower Delnashaugh, exhibited by John Berrigan

RW and Blue, exhibited by Dianne Mrak

Olive Lee Ice Wings. Exhibited by Carolyn Cutshall

Link Award exhibited by John Reed. Flowers from the left are: 2604-11 3Y-YYP, 2007-52 2Y-O, Windy City 1W-Y.

Intermediate 3 stem Mighty Might exhibited by John Reed

Historic Single, Thalia Becky Fox Matthews

Havens Award, exhibited by Carolyn Cutshall

Grant and Amy Mitsch award, exhibited by John Reed, Reed 2001-39: 11a Y-P

The Fowlds Award, Katrina Rea, Exhibited by John Reed

The Bozie award winner. Exhibited by John Reed

Tuggle Award winner. Exhibited by John Reed

The Hilton Hotel exhibited this specimen of Dutch Master.

For Daffseek Sankaty light

For Daffseek – Pokagon.

For Daffseek Petticoat Lace.

For Daffseek – My Goodness

for Daffseek. More and More, 7Y-Y

“Frank” 9W-GYO from the Esker Farms Trade Stand.

Excimeter. for Daffseek.

Among the stems considered for the Gold Ribbon – Hibernian by Esker Farms Daffodils.

Benton Harbor for Daffseek.

Monal, exhibited by Hilton Hotel.

2 responses to “2019 ADS National Convention Show Winners and standouts”

  1. Jackie Turbidy says:

    Great photos, Tom! Thank you!

  2. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio says:

    Many thanks to Tom and Kirby and others who posted photos of show winners.  The great photos really show off the flowers.  It takes a lot of time and effort to take the photos, and then get them posted–a real labor of love.  So, many, many thanks.

    Mary Lou