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2019 Central Ohio Daffodil Society (CODS) Show

May 24, 2019

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The Central Ohio Daffodil Society held it’s show in the usual venue of the Franklin Park Conservatory on April 20th. Again, as with most other shows, it was a small one but the quality in this show was probably the best than I’ve ever known in this location for my 30 years of doing this. The White Ribbon Winner of Killearnan is something to behold! I can’t seem to get over that entry! but all the winners were of the highest caliber quality that you would see in all of the shows that I visited this year.

On to the show!…

The Gold Ribbon Winner for Best in show. Sargeants Caye, by Rebecca Koesters

The White Ribbon Winner. A Beautiful set of Killearnan!, by Kit Walter.

The Mini Best in Show, a Dan Daniel Bellinger Seedling, Exhibited by Kathleen Simpson

The mini White Ribbon winner. Little Sunray, by Nancy Gill.

The Rose Ribbon Winner for the best seedling in show (standard). By Mary Lou Gripshover

The Small Grower award winner. Spring Warrior, by Roger Campbell.

The single stem intermediate winner. Universal Charm, by Margaret Baird.

Intermediate 3 stem. Koop – by Margaret Baird

The Single Stem Youth award winner. Replete, by Ben Albanese.

Youth 3 stem. Dutch Master – by Mikey Albanese.

Classic Cultivar winner. Avenger, by Margaret Baird.

The Classic Single Stem winner. Dainty Miss by Margaret Baird.

The 3 stem Classic winner, Dainty Miss by Margaret Baird.

The intermediate 5 stem award winner. By Mary Lou Gripshover The flowers were (from top left): Pretty Baby, Eden Park, Brooke Ager, 95-36 & Tom Terrific.

The 3 stem and Single stem Historic. Dactyl, by MIke and Lisa Kuduk

The Red White and Blue Ribbon Winner for the best 5 stem entry of all American Bred Daffodils. Exhibited by Kit Walter. The flowers were: American Showgirl, Mineral Wells, River Crossing, Bob Drake & American Classic.

The Purple Ribbon Winner for the best 5 stem standard entry in show. By Margaret Baird.The flowers were: Peggy Macneale, Quasar, Who’s Who, Sacre’ Coeur, and Fragrant Rose.

The Throckmorton award winner. By Kathleen Simpson

The lavender ribbon winner, by Mary Lou Gripshover with the flowers of: 3 of Diamonds, Little Mary Lou, Vinisky Seedling, Little Rusky and Mite.

One of the finest examples of Killearnan I’ve known. This has been an exceptional year for quality in general, but the White ribbon winner in this show (where this stem was from) was especially outstanding. Exhibited by Kit Walter.

The Bozievich award for the best 12 stem entry of at least 4 divisions. By Nancy Gill.

Best Pink – Polar Sky by Nancy Gill.

Pinkie Lee, with certainly pink petals!

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