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2019 Indiana Daffodil Society (IDS) show winners

May 23, 2019

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Hello All 
The IDS show was was held in it's newer venue of the Hamilton Ice Arena and Community
Center. That sounds rather different but it works quite well. As with most shows this 
season (except for the KDABS show in Kentucky), it seemed to be a smaller show, but the
quality was great.

There are a few photos of flowers not often shown in shows that I captured for Daffseek. 
Photos below. I have 4 more shows to post. It's been a challenging springtime. Enjoy... 

Best in Show – Engagement Ring, from the White Ribbon Winner.

White Ribbon Winner for best 3 stem entry. Engagement Ring

The mini white and mini Gold (lower left stem) Pixies Sister. Exhibited by Lynn Courson.

The Rose Ribbon for the best Seedling in show. Milestone Open Pollenated.

The best intermediate single stem. Elfin Dell, exhibited by Carolyn Cutshall.

The 3 stem intermediate winner. Rimski, exhibited by Carolyn Cutshall.

The classic single stem ribbon winner. Dallas, exhibited by Jim and Janet Wilson.

The 3 stem Youth Ribbon winner. “Wilder”, exhibited by Thomas Kinder.

The Youth Single Stem ribbon winner. Fragrant Rose, Exhibited by Thomas Kinder.

The Tuggle award winner, exhibited by Sue Luken.

The Throckmorton award winner. exhibited by Lynn Slackman

The Red White & Blue Ribbon Winner for the best 5 stem collection of all American Bred Daffodils. The flowers were (from top left), Merlins Pal, Conestoga, French Robin, French Classic & Engagement Ring.

The lavender ribbon award for the best 5 stem mini in show. Exhibited by Lynn Slackman. flowers of Oxford Gold, Sabrosa, Hawera, Twinkling Yellow and Sunray.

The Historic 5 stem ribbon winner. exhibited by Lynn Slackman. Flowers of Geranium, Yellow Cheerfulness, Milan, Dreamlight & Picador.

The Havens award, exhibited by Donald Sauvain

The Classic 5 stem entry, exhibited by JR Blanton. Flowers of Noweta, Stratosphere, Salome, Golden Dawn and Stainless.

The Bozie winner for the best 12 stem entry from at least 4 divisions. Exhibited by Donald Sauvain.

The Bankhead award winner. Exhibited by Lynn Slackman

The Intermediate 5 stem ribbon winner. Exhibited by Lynn Slackman. flowers of Vera Robbins, Problem Child, Bantam, Dreamlight, and Dinkie.

The 3 stem classic Ribbon winner. Lemon Drops, exhibited by Lynn Slackman

Blue ribbon winner. Yellow Ocean. For Daffseek – Sorry, I didn’t get the exhibitors name.

Triton Pink, exhibited by Gary Knehans. Image for Daffseek.

Triton Pink, exhibited by Gary Knehans. Image for Daffseek


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  1. Melissa Reading, California
    May 23, 2019 at 5:23 pm

    Tom, there are some truly exquisite blooms here. Thank you for all the effort you put into sharing them with us!

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