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2019 Joe Hamms Barn Show

May 25, 2019

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Joe Hamms Show in his very nice barn (actually a large section of his house) is always a treat. His family and friends put in quite a lot of work to help keep his larger fields in shape, fully tagged and properly cared for.

It’s a very special situation for a great guy who hosts this daffodil show every year for all of us and the public to enjoy. Also, his fields are designated as an ADS Display Garden and have been for years now.

In this years show, as I’ve been saying in all these posts, the show was a bit small but for Joe’s show it was a very nice show. And as with all the other shows, the quality was outstanding. The Gold ribbon winner in this show was as close to the most flawless example of Fragrant Rose that I’ve ever known.

The next post will be the final one for this year with the photos of the Convention show winners. Another spring season goes by and the withdrawl of the daffodils passing becomes another painful time. We speak about the craziness of the obsession we call yellow fever, and we joke about it every year, but when the season passes it becomes all too real how deeply this passion is a part of our lives. The lifelong friends we gain because of this beautiful flower and the love we share among us.

Enjoy the photos:

Gold Fragrant Rose Bust shot – exhibited by Sara Kinne

Gold Fragrant Rose profile shot – exhibited by Sara Kinne

White Ribbon Fragrant Rose exhibited by Joseph Hamm

Mini Gold for best mini single stem in show. Spring Serenade Joseph Hamm

Mini White for the best 3 stem of a mini daffodil. Spring Serenade, exhibited by Sara Kinne.

Intermediate single and daffseek. Exhibited by Carolyn Cutshall.

New Zealand 1st place Tanzy Girl. exhibited by Joanne Rowles

NZ 2nd Brogdn 4-29-1, 3W-GYO. Exhibited by Genie Materniak

Classic Single and Cultvr Stratosphere Genie M.

The Red White and Blue Award for the best 5 stem entry of all american bred daffodils. Flowers of: Animal Crackers, Spindle Top, American Dream, Martha Kermitzis & First Born. Exhibiter – Joseph Hamm.

Maroon ribbon for the best 5 stem reverse bicolor. exhibited by Linda Wallpe with flowers from the top left: Carib Gipsy, Animal Crackers, Altun Ha, Pipit & Intrigue.

The Classic 5 Stem award. Exhibited by Joe Joseph Hamm. Flowers from top left are: Lilac Delight, Old Satin, Salome’, Romance & Orissa.

The Historic 5 stem winner, by Georgine Materniak with flowers from top left of: Shanack, Mrs Jinks, Milan, Dreamlight & Snow King.

Lucy Jane for Daffseek

3 stem Intermediate – Starbrook, by Jeanne Rowles

3 Stem Historic Shanac. Exhibited by Carol Stough.

Small Grower Sr Winston Churchill Gary Sams.

3 stem classic Golden Dawn exhibited by Carol Stough.

Papasan for Daffseek

Lavender ribbon win for the best 5 stem mini in show. exhibited by Naomi Liggett with flowers from top left of: Chit Chat, Twinkling Yellow, Xit, Little Sunray & Clare.

Havens award winner, exhibited by Carolyn Cutshall

Throckmrtn award winner. Exhibited by Georgine Materniak

First Step for Daffseek

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