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2019 Niles Michigan Show

May 24, 2019

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The recently started Niles Michigan Show was held in it’s usual venue of the Fernwood Botanical Gardens with yet another high quality show with lower stem count like others in the Mid West. Thanks to Dan Bellinger for organizing this show.

I try to attend this show to capture some of John Reeds blooms as they grow in the area. There were outstanding flowers to see.

Photos below

Best Seedling (Rose Ribbon) and Best in Show. John Reed 2003-56-1 a very nice 1W-Y.

The White Ribbon for the best standard3 stem entry in show. White Lantern, Exhibited by John Reed..

The Mini Gold for the best single stem mini in show. Rupicola, Exhibited by John Reed.

The Mini White ribbon for the best entry of 3 stems of the same mini bloom. Evans N-25. Exhibited by Kathleen Simpson

3 stem & single stem Intermediate – Mighty Mite, Exhibited by John Reed.

The single stem Youth winner – Arrowhead, exhibited by Adalee Wendorf.

The 3 stem Youth winner – Arrowhead, exhibited by Adalee Wendorf.

The single stem Historic, Moonshine, Exhibited by Jeann Lager

3 Stem Historic – Dreamlight, exhibited by Sara Kinne.

The best New Zealand Bloom. Cameo Joy, exhibited by Dan Daniel Bellinger.

The Purple Ribbon win for the best 5 stem collection in show, Exhibited by John Reed. The flowers were (from top left), Blazing Saddles, Smooth Silk, Seedling 98-52 1W-Y, Millenium Gold & Great Joy.

The Havens award winner. Exhibited by Sara Kinne.

The Quinn award. Exhibited by Dan Daniel Bellinger

The Bozievich Award Winner, exhibited by Sara Kinne.

Rose Apple for Daffseek.

Florida Orange for Daffseek.

Ramallah 1Y-Y for Daffseek.

John Reed, 2012-116, 1W-W

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