George Dorner, Illinois

Getting photos at the MDS Show in Chicago

May 14, 2019

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At our show I spotted Donna Theimer, a retired hort teacher from Joliet Junior College and now an aspiring professional photographer. She carried a large Sony camera with a large lens, prompting me to ask whether she shot many flower photos. Learning her background and interests created this session where she emulated Tom or Kirby or Ben and many others in the ADS in shooting the blooms from our awards table. Her friend, Gail Wadley, from the University of Iowa, helped truck the vases and tubes to and from this improvised shooting position. Gail also took photos of the awards table and this one, all of which will be useful.

Thanks to Donna and Gail. Come again next year. We’ll find you a table and a chair.


PS Joliet Junior College was the first community college in the country, founded in 1901 with help from William Rainey Harper, founding president of the University of Chicago. Initially, they had 6 students; today’s enrollment is over 30,000.

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