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Judges Jeopardy

June 5, 2019

Categories: Judging, Shows

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The judge’s refresher at the 2019 ADS convention was a game called Judges Jeopardy, a PowerPoint presentation modeled after the television show Jeopardy. Becky Fox Matthews prepared the presentation and conducted the refresher. The attendees enjoyed it so much that they asked for it to continue to be available. So, it is now installed in DaffTube in the category Exhibiting & Judging. There you will find links for downloading the PowerPoint presentation and the instructions. Obviously, you will need the Microsoft PowerPoint application on your computer to run the presentation. While it’s designed to remind daffodil judges of the information in the Handbook for Growing, Exhibiting, and Judging Daffodils, others may find it informative or amusing. Enjoy!

Start screen of Judges Jeopardy

Start screen of Judges Jeopardy

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