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Suggest cultivars for revising the Daffodil Divisions Banner

September 14, 2019

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The Visibility Working Group appointed by President Nancy Tackett at the ADS fall board
meeting in 2018 has surveyed regional vice presidents on the utility of our educational
banners and concluded that a new set with updated information and more easily erected
stands is desirable. The working group will work with a professional graphic designer
to update the appearance as well as the information on the banners. One aspect of the
existing banners that President Tackett wants addressed is the pictures of daffodils
that illustrate the 13 Divisions. In the ten years since we made our banners, digital
cameras have advanced to higher resolutions, so we should be able to print sharper
pictures now. The original plan was to use only American bred cultivars (except for
Division 13) and to have a wide range of colors to make the banner more interesting.
This Daffnet posting is to invite you to nominate cultivars to use in updating
that banner. If you don’t remember what it looked like, you can view a PDF file of
it at

Send your nominations directly to Kirby Fong at  title=
The photographers who have added their photos to DaffSeek have also given the ADS
permission to reproduce their photographs, so DaffSeek is a good source of photos.
Search DaffSeek for cultivars by American hybridizers, and look for ones with photos
you think would be appropriate for an updated educational banner. The working group
can check if the photos are of sufficiently high resolution for an updated banner.
Since we will be working on updating the banner designs this fall, please send
your suggested cultivars in the next two months. Be aware that the Visibility
Working Group is not funded to manufacture the new sets of educational banners.
The working group is moving to complete the design since we need a finished design
before we can manufacture anything. Funding the new banners is a separate issue.

Members of the Visibility Working Group are Frank Nyikos, Becky Fox Matthews,
Lynn Slackman, Fredrica Lawlor, Mary Darling, and myself.

Kirby Fong, Visibility Working Group leader

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