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Carters Daffodils 2019 list is now available

October 15, 2019

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Welcome to Carter’s Daffodils – 2019
My growing philosophy is to create healthy new varieties for show and garden.
A bit of history

2008-2009 – Made seeds by hybridizing but seeds did not sprout until the pots were tossed into the garden. At the time I was growing mostly garden variety box store bulbs. I’ve since upgraded.
2010 – 60 successful crosses – 5 selected blooms in 2015 did not bloom in 2016.
2011 – 157 successful crosses – 1 selected bloom in 2015. Learned better parents make better kids.
2012 – 88 successful crosses – Started using higher quality pollen, Hawaiian Skies, Pacific Ring.
2013 – ~ 400 varieties used as parents – Purchasing Oakwood (John Reed USA) bulbs, 82 successful crosses – Fell in Love with Millennium Orange and used a lot of its pollen.
2014 – ~ 500 varieties – lost 100 or so varieties due to some potted bulbs getting frozen. Started building raised beds for all my parents and seedlings.
2015 – Purchasing Reed and Ringhaddy (Nial Watson N. Ireland) bulbs, started importing bulbs from Graham Phillips (New Zealand) 105 successful crosses, Lots of Hot Lava 2O-O pollen used in crosses.
2016 – ~600 varieties – Successful Div 3 crosses. Oh Wow and G-Day pollen used generously
2017 – ~700 varieties. Dug my 2010 and 2011 hybridized bulbs and ½ of my parental bulbs. Most have multiplied but are not as productive as I had hoped. Most are being re-planted in Oct. The ones grown in the lightest (peat moss, and sand mixed in with the native soil) have done the best.
2018 – ~800 varieties. Dug many of my NZ and Northern Ireland bulbs. Finding Northern Ireland bulbs do quite well here. They are multiplying and quite large and may be available in a couple of years. Made 6 successful Rockin’ Goose crosses.

2019 – Growing ~1000 varieties. Thanks to Clay Higgins and Kirby Fong I was able to obtain many great bulb varieties that add to my gene pool. Kirby was able to purchase many varieties directly from John Hunter in NZ for me to turn around and use as parents. I made a record 450 crosses in 2019 with 250 making seeds. Finally moving my 2010 crosses to new beds in my back 40. Had to take out two acres of blackberries to create some new daffodil beds. So many (Likely too many) great crosses. I’m finding growing so many is getting to be a lot of work. Good thing I enjoy my Daffy’s.

So what have I got to sell? Not a lot yet. As years go by I will sell new hybrids and bulbs from my parental beds as they multiply as well as my baby’s. For now I have some newly registered Northern Ireland bulbs hybridized by Nial Watson.]

Rockin’ Goose 2 O-O 2016 Watson NI $45
Easter Chick 4 Y-WWY 2017 Watson NI $40
Split Atom 11 Y-O 2018 Watson NI $45
Solar Vortex 1 Y-O 2019 Watson NI $50
Sunrise Fanfare 2 Y-YYO 2019 Watson NI $50

Total cost of bulbs before tax and shipping

Tax 8.5%
Shipping $ 5.00
Please email what you would like to  title=
Call me directly at (360) 203-0704
Bill Carter
6800 Daffodil Terrace
Ferndale WA 98248                                  (I plan to ship bulbs 10/21) so please get your orders in ASAP.

Once I receive your order I will respond via email to confirm your order. Because of the limited No. of Bulbs it will be 1st come 1st served. Once you receive a confirmation of your requested available bulbs please mail a check made out to Bill Carter at the address above. Sorry but I cannot accept credit cards and cannot ship outside of the USA. Check out Carter’s Daffodils on Face Book


Sunrise Fanfare       Easter Chick                       Solar Vortex     Split Atom           Rockin’ Goose

Split Atom 11Y-O

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3 Responses to Carters Daffodils 2019 list is now available

  1. Clay Higgins, New Jersey
    Clay Higgins, New Jersey
    October 16, 2019 at 4:56 am


    Glad to see the work of another hybridizer. Excellent start and observations. I also started finding it hard work to manage all my crosses as the years kept adding more and more.

    By objective of hybridizing was to win a Quinn Award with my own seedling because when I first got into daffodils Bob Spotts came to the WDS show in Reston, VA and won a Quinn with his seedling. I now have to find another objective as I won a Quinn with my seedling in 2018.



  2. Bill Carter, Washington
    Bill Carter, Washington
    October 16, 2019 at 12:45 pm

    Clay – Thanks to you for selling off many of your excess bulbs I have improved by gene pool.  I made a record number of crosses last season with 250 or so making seeds.  I just moved my 2010 crosses to new beds and am finding out why hybridizers are advising me to slow down.  I can see why too many crosses tends to be too much work.

    My business plan is to sell enough bulbs each year to balance the amount I spend each year on new bulbs.  Looks like 2019 is the 1st time I’ve met this goal.

    Looks like wining a Quinn with my own seedlings is a great goal to shoot for.  I’m still 5 years off.   Developing new flowers sure takes a lot of patients but I sure love doing it.


    Thankyou to all that ordered bulbs. Today I’m going outside to plant the leftovers. Only two unsold bulbs. Successful season. .

  3. Clay Higgins, New Jersey
    Clay Higgins, New Jersey
    October 17, 2019 at 4:56 am


    Good luck on your plan.

    I could never sell off enough bulbs to come close to the amount I spent on new bulbs. Then again, that was me. I just didn’t have the energy to track orders, pull the bulbs, package them and do the shipping. But that is what you get for getting banged up and bruised in a long active military career.

    My new plan is to develop a miniature division 2, hopefully with color. So far, “no cigar.”