Dona Townsend

October 30, 2019

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I need to pass along to you the sad news that founding Oregon Daffodil Society member Dona Townsend died on Monday, October 28.  She was hospitalized for a few weeks for heart issues.  I don’t know her exact age, but I know she was over 90, and still quite spry to the end.  She slowed down just a little bit in the last few years, but not too much.  She was a stalwart exhibitor and judge at our local shows, and a good daffodil friend.  She especially loved historic daffodils, and that section was usually filled to overflowing with her entries.

There will be a memorial service on Monday, November 4, at 1 pm.  It will be held at Waterloo Chapel in Lebanon, OR.  The address is 39480 Gross St, Lebanon, OR.

Attached is a picture I took of her last year, with Leonard Weber of Corvallis.

I will miss her dearly.
Theresa Fritchle

4 responses to “Dona Townsend”

  1. Ross Hornsby, Alabama Ross Hornsby, Alabama says:

    Great photo and description of her. I can tell she will be very missed.

  2. Bob Spotts, California Bob Spotts, California says:

    What a significent loss to members of the Oregon Daffodil Society! Feelings must be similar to the devastation we in the NCDS in California felt when Christine Kemp, our long-term pioneer, passed.   Nobody could replace her. You have our best wishes.

  3. Ceci says:

    I didnt know her but my heart goes out to her family as well as our
    daffodil community losing a great daffodil spokesperson

  4. Richard and Elise Havens says:

    Dona was a very loyal ODS member, always available to exhibit many historical daffodils, as well as to judge and help with all the work associated with our shows.

    She will be missed a great deal in Oregon.

    Elise Havens