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Belated Happy Halloween & Fall Planting

November 1, 2019

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My back yard 10/31/19

On a handout virtually copied from one Bob Spotts wrote years ago and that we adapted to our clime and calendar in Chicago, we advised: “Plant before Halloween.” Our Midwest Daffodil Society bulb sale is always the third week in October, partly due to constraints one time set by the Chicago Botanic Garden where we hold out when we can. This year it was Oct. 20-21. Traditionally, we have our Annual Business Meeting and Bulb Exchange (really a free raffle for paid up members) the next week, this year on the 28th. Our giveaways this year included many bulbs from Oakwood, Nancy Pilipuf, and Rose Bradley. And, an intriguing collection of unnamed seedlings with distinguished parents. This provided all in attendance with the best bagful of fine bulbs available anywhere for $5, our dues. I’m interested to see what comes of those from the bag of unnamed bulbs from Dave Karnstedt’s breeding. Dave, with Charles Wheatley, brought their properties and blooms to the first show of the MDS at the CBG.

However, that only left 2 or 3 days to follow our planting advice. I put 6 bulbs down on Tuesday, the 30th, with many more yet to find space and time for.

You may see what we awoke to on Halloween. And, no trick-or-treaters ventured up our driveway last night.

We’re hoping for a late Indian Summer and will console ourselves with the store of candy we didn’t have an opportunity to give away.


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