Ross Hornsby, Alabama

Is this ‘Pueblo’?

December 9, 2019

Category: Daffodil Types

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I have an unidentified daffodil in my garden in a weedy place where I’ve never planted any daffodils. I don’t remember noticing it until this year, but it had many flowering stems and was very vigorous. From this photo taken March 13, you can see it’s mostly white, although the flowers open yellowish. I believe it is a Jonquilla hybrid, and it appears to be fertile, as nearly every flower produced a seed pod full of seeds (some of which I’ve germinated this fall).

It’s nearby where I typically do repotting. I had ‘Pueblo’ and ‘Nancegollan’ in a few of these pots. Also I had ‘Sweetness’, ‘Trevithian’, and various different kinds of N. jonquilla. Further across the yard I have ‘Hillstar’, ‘Sweet Love’, ‘Sailboat’, and ‘Bell Song’. These are the only Jonquillas I had on hand. Since it looks sort of like ‘Pueblo’, I’m wondering if a stray bulb of it washed there, or if it could be from a seed or a sport of something else. ‘Pueblo’ and my other white Jonquillas have never been vigorous for me, though, nor produced any seeds.

Unidentified daffodil

2 responses to “Is this ‘Pueblo’?”

  1. Jason Delaney, Missouri Jason Delaney, Missouri says:

    Ross, this is not ‘Pueblo’.  It looks like a stray ‘Hillstar’ seedling. They come up in my field with wild abandon, within the vicinity of ‘Hillstar’ and for as far as the seeds will wash down a mole run during a rainstorm.  From white to gold to bicolors and everything in between will flower.  ‘Quickstep’ and ‘Perpetuation’ do the same thing for me, making it mandatory to remove the seed pods to prevent future seedling swaths—mandatory if I remember!

  2. Ross Hornsby, Alabama Ross Hornsby, Alabama says:

    Jason, thank you for the response! I did not imagine that the seeds could travel a few hundred feet uphill, but perhaps they carried over in garden scraps. This also explains the variations I’ve seen in my patch of ‘Hillstar’.