Ross Hornsby, Alabama

Tazettas blooming December 26

December 26, 2019

Categories: Autumn Blooming Daffodils, Daffodil Types, Winter Blooming Daffodils

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Warm weather on Christmas Day opened a few tazettas for me. Here are potted ‘Nir’, one of the Autumn Colors group, and ‘Autumn Pearl’ side-by-side. The ‘Autumn Pearl’ is in a taller pot, though it is also taller and more robust than the others for me. Fragrance of ‘Nir’ is piercing and spicy. The Autumn Colors smells very sweet, and the ‘Autumn Pearl’ is somewhere in-between, though a little more on the paperwhite side. They’ve each attracted little fly pollinators that like to rest and sip on the flowers for minutes at a time.

‘Nir’, one of the Autumn Colors group, and ‘Autumn Pearl’

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