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Lewisboro Daffodils

January 22, 2020

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Good morning
I found an interesting article about the Lewisboro Garden Club and their project of planting Daffodils along their streets in the recent Country Gardens magazine. Lewisboro is north of New York City. Many others in New England are also doing similar projects. In the event you can not find the magazine for sale near you please use the link the editor provided below.

We may not be able to post this in Mary Lou tried previously and wasn’t able to conform to their guidelines. So, purchase, share or check it out from your local library.

Good morning, Frank, Mary Lou, and Nancy

I’m glad you enjoyed the story about Lewisboro’s daffodil project. If you would like to request permission to use a pdf of the story, please contact our Permissions department:  title= .

I can’t speak to the terms of the current permission agreement and whether or not it has changed since you last requested it.

However, if you want to share the link to purchase the magazine in hard copy, use this link:

A digitial version of the magazine can be purchased here:;jsessionid=ptQYr-RxS62IqfL9FJRsvCxk

Thanks for your interest!

Susan Appleget Hurst

Susan Appleget Hurst| Editor | Country Gardens

Meredith Corporation | 1716 Locust St. LN 414 | Des Moines, IA 50309

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One Response to Lewisboro Daffodils

  1. Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee
    Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee
    January 22, 2020 at 3:08 pm

    Highlighting all these city plantings would make a great article for the Journal.  NYC, Boston, and many other cities across the US are planting daffodils.  I’d also be interested in the “why” they are stating for doing so.