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Tax Credit Letters

January 18, 2020

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Good morning.

Because every post should have a picture. This is Modern Art from my 2015 garden

I’ve been working non stop for the past several days trying to collect information about monies you may have donated to ADS in 2019 that are probably tax deductible for those of you that itemize. I know that the Federal IRS structure has changed. Some states like my own consider these monies tax deductible.

This is for our US Members. If any of our International Members require a letter please let me know. I’m not familiar with all local tax codes.

Those monies coming into the ADS considered as tax deductible include Donations, Honorariums, Memorial Contributions, any Auction and our Patronages. Items not deductible are Membership dues, attending Convention/Fall Forum, Judges Refreshers any item we sell in the webstore, etc.

Anyway, I have just mailed the letters this morning. I hope each of you should receive your letter if you qualify starting mid week. Contact me if you feel I have made a mistake or you didn’t receive a letter and feel you should have.


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