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Have Dinner with Us in Murphys CA on March 7

February 11, 2020

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Daffodil Friends,

After a day of fun and labor in the Ironstone Daffodil Showroom, it will be enjoyable to share our experiences over dinner together. After looking at various menus, checking other diners’ assessments of their meal, and talking with restaurant staff, we’ve decided to have our Saturday dinner at the Murphys Grille. After the Show closes Saturday, March 7 at 5pm, our dinner together will  be at 6:30pm at:

Murphys Grille, 380 Main Street, Suite 1, downtown Murphys.

Restaurant staff have asked me to give them a general estimate in advance of what might be ordered, so they will be sure to have all available! What you tell me is not locked in place, you may change your mind. But let’s do as they ask.  Please look up their menu at:

Under ‘Dinner’ select the items that you might want to order and send me a list of items by Wednesday, 26 February.

I’ll join the lists together and report them to Murphys Grille. Don’t worry now about whether you will actually be coming to the dinner. If your attending is possible, send me a list. Then let me know by Tuesday (March 3) before the Ironstone Show if you must cancel. I’ll give Murphys Grille an update then.  If during the last couple of days you change your mind and decide to come to dinner – but haven’t reported – come anyway – it is fine. We want to enjoy your company!

To settle the dinner bill, they ask that I settle with each individual; only give them one credit card for payment. So after dinner,  you can pay me in cash, or write me a check. I will pay the bill.

If anything isn’t clear, either give me an email or call me at (925) 625-5526.


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