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2020 ADS National Convention – Dallas Show Winners

March 19, 2020

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As I think about what to write here, I think about those we have lost over the recent years. This convention honored the 
memory of both Dottie Sable and Rod Armstrong, both quiet but wonderful people and hold a place in myself that 
can't be replaced. they were strong members of their local society and great advocates for the ADS in general. 

This convention was such fun, and not quite what I was expecting. The Sunday afternoon lunch at Joe T. Garcias Mexican
Restaurant was one of the best times I can remember. 
The Margaritas flowed freely and the Mariachi Band was a wonderful experience! 

See photos below. I seemed to have missed the Mini White Ribbon for the best 3 stem mini in show. This was Itsy Bitsy Splitsy
exhibited by Jon Kawaguchi. 
Sadly, this will be my last post for shows this season as 85% of the shows I scheduled to attend have cancelled due to this
blasted Corona Virus. Never thought I would see this in the 30 years I've been doing this. 

Best In Show – Magic Lantern, Taken from the Winning Stars & Stripes award Winner. Exhibited by Elise Elise Mitsch Havens

The White Ribbon for the best vase of 3 in the show. Mesa Verde, exhibited by Larry Force.

The Mini Best in Show. Pequenita, exhibited by Karen Cogar.

The Mini Rose Ribbon for the best miniature seedling in show. Exhibited by Robert Spotts

The Mini Red White & Blue ribbon winner for 5 miniature Daffodils, all bred in America. Exhibited by Robert Spotts. These were all his own seedlings. The all white bloom was chosen as the Rose Ribbon winner for the best mini seedling.

The Bender award for the best flower in the Hybridizers section. A 1Y-O,  ZH 28/1 Exhibited by Elise Elise Mitsch Havens.

The Rose Ribbon Winner by Larry Force.

The Classic Single Stem ribbon winner. Jetfire, exhibited by Karla McKenzie.

The Innovators award. A Bob spotts seedling. The innovation of breeding green toned daffodils. Exhibited by Robert Spotts.

The Single Stem Intermediate Winner. Ollie, taken from the 5 stem ribbon winner. Exhibited by Janet Hickman.

The Smaller Grower Ribbon. Martinette, exhibited by Bryan Pike.

the Historic Single Taken from the 5 stem Historic ribbon winner. Avalanche, exhibited by Karla McKenzie.

The 3 stem historic ribbon winner.Thalia, exhibited by Bonnie McClure.

The 3 stem Classic ribbon winner. Avalanch, exhibited by Diane Ganter.

The Standard Red White & Blue Ribbon Winner which was also the Purple ribbon winner for the best 5 stem in show. Exhibited by Karen Cogar with the flowers of: Protocol, Emperors Waltz, Vineland, Warbler & Lemon Silk.

The Robert Spotts Award for the best entry of 5 flowers, all with green in 2 or more zones. Of course, the exhibitor is Bob Spotts with all his own hybrids including Mesa Verde.

The 5 stem Youth award winner. Exhibited by Catherine, Hunter & William Vaughn. The flowers are: Salome, Stratosphere, Pink Charm, Lone Star and Hagrid.

The English Award winner exhibited by Becky Fox Mathews. The flowers are: Bryanston, Hot Gossip, Mill Sunset, Strines & Altun Ha.

Classic 5 stem winner. Exhibited by Karla McKenzie. The Flowers are: Fortissimo, Giant Star, Accent, Ceylon & Jetfire.

the Historic 5 stem and single stem award winners. Exhibited by Karla McKenzie. The flowers are: Craigford, Avalanche Bersheeba, Sweetness & Trevithian.

The Watrous Award winner for the best 12 stems of miniatures in the show, from several different divisions. The exhibitor is Janet Hickman with flowers of (from top left): Miti Moto, Tete Boucle, N. Fernandesii, Odoratus, Little Beauty, Beesknees (Lower Left) Snipe, N. Minor Pumilis, Giselle, Punk, Fat Rascal & Busbie.

Carncairn Award winner, exhibited by Karla McKenzie. The flowers are: Maria Pia, Chobe River, Duncan 3916, Causeway Sunset & Lemon Cocktail.

The Dutch Award winner. exhibited by Kay Shearer, with the flowers of Bersheeba, Ara, Kimmeridge, Williamsburg & Doaks Stand.

The Tuggle Award Winner from the best entry of 12 different 3 stem vases from several divisions. Exhibited by Kathleen Simpson with flowers of:
Bryanston, Intrigue, Crevanaugh, Makers Mark, Hot Gossip, Rose Lake, Southern Hospitality, Surfside, Katrina Rae, Lemon Silk, Treasure Waltz & Rapture.

The Stars & Stripes award for the best entry of 12 stems in several divisions, all bred in America. The exhibitor was Elise Elise Mitsch Havens and the top right corner flower was voted as Best in Show. The flowers in this entry are: Seedling JJ 77/20 an 8Y-O, Phoenician, Southern Hospitality, Oregon Lights, Magic Lantern, Swift Current, Wings of Freedom, Arrowhead, Carib, Rapture and seedling SH 18/1 5Y-Y.

Classic Single Stem winner. Titmouse, exhibited by Mike and Lisa Kuduk.

The Bozie award winner. Exhibited by Karla McKenzie. The flowers are: Tahiti, Causeway Sunset, Gentle Giant, Chobe River, Castanets, Butterfly Kiss, Paddy’s Legacy, Hot Affair, Winter Waltz, Maria Pia, Rapture & Eaton Song.

The Bankhead award, exhibited by John Kawaguchi.

The Youth 3 stem award winner. Lone Star exhibited by Catherine, Hunter and William Vaughn.

The Mini 3 by Hybridizer. Exhibited by Dave Hardy ( & Julie Hardy). The parents are “Candle Power X Agnes Mace”.

The Bronze Award winner. Exhibited by Kathleen Simpson. The flowers are: Tiny Bubbles, N. Jonquilla, Minnow, Hawera and Sundial.

The Link Award for 3 by the Hybridizer. Exhibited by Elise Elise Mitsch Havens. The flowers are Seedling ZH 28/1 a 1Y-O, Oregon Lights, and Arrowhead.

The Fowlds & Olive Lee Trophy Winners, Lemon Silk, Top Bloom, exhibited by Kathleen Simpson.

The 5 stem intermediate award winner. Exhibited by Janet Hickman. Flowers of: Bonnies Jewel, Pinsey, Nikki Koko, Gillam & Ollie.

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  1. Richard and Elise Havens says:

    In answer to a question regarding the parentage of the following seedling:
    Havens ZH28/1 (Bender Award) is Confidential x Tang