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Youth Challenge bulb

March 31, 2020

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Good afternoon

I recently sent a note to sponsors of Youth Members to send in pictures of their Challenge bulb this year which is Rapture. We would like to have garden or staged pictures. We want to find some way to encourage our Youth Members since they won’t be able to show in their local show. There has been an idea to include any Youth Member pictures of any daffodils. So, don’t limit their pictures.

We still don’t have any idea how this will work. We have concerns about our Youth and public forums. One idea is to use the Members only section of the homepage. Another is to have a poll like Esker Farm’s is using on FaceBook with their challenge this year. Any ideas are welcome. Send your ideas to Fred at  title=

Please send pictures to me at  title= I will hold on to them until we are ready for the contest. We think this will be sometime after the first of May to give our northern most regions time to have good bloom.

If you want to help let Fred know. We don’t have a Youth Chair yet. If this is something you’re interested in or know someone who is I hope you will talk to Fred.

We don’t want to discourage our Youth. They are our future. Please encourage them to send in their pictures.

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