Tom Stettner, Ohio

2020 – Church arranges Daffodils in the shape of a Cross

April 3, 2020

Categories: Growing Daffodils, Landscapes and Naturalized Daffodils

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Hello All

Linda Wallpe asked if I would post this photo for her with the following statement:

Our son John lives on the Oregon Coast and sent this photo.  A church on Rt. 101, not far from him, arranges a cross every Easter of daffodils.  In this same valley a large herd of elk range back and forth.  Thought you might enjoy the photo at this time.


3 responses to “2020 – Church arranges Daffodils in the shape of a Cross”

  1. Lewis Turner, Maryland Lewis Turner, Maryland says:

    That cross is beautiful!

  2. Richard and Elise Havens says:

    Thank you Tom (and Linda). It is beautiful! Probably cannot do it this year but would love to go to see it at some point!


  3. Drew Mc Farland, Ohio Drew Mc Farland, Ohio says:

    Well, one thing is for sure, the Cross is safe from being eaten!