Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee

Virtual Online Meetings

April 10, 2020

Categories: American Daffodil Society, General

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Does anyone have expertise with virtual online meetings for a business event that might have 30 – 60 participants? If so, please contact me at  title= or message me on Facebook. Thanks!

5 responses to “Virtual Online Meetings”

  1. ADS Executive Director ADS Executive Director says:

    Let us know how this works Becky. I bet we will have to consider something like this for the Fall Executive and Board meetings. I know Fred and P&G use an audio chat meeting format. I’m not sure how many can be part of Skype video conferencing. The social media has the option for groups but maybe not simultaneous or audio or video.

    I think audio meetings are fairly easy to do. We had something like it at Worm’s Way. It’s the video conferencing that may be harder because of the number in the meeting.

  2. Drew Mc Farland, Ohio Drew Mc Farland says:

    Hopefully this will be forgotten by Fall, but prior, between a couple of
    the girls’ groups and one of mine, we’ve found Zoom to work very well.
    It’s free for a certain number of minutes or can be paid or just
    instantly re-loaded for another half hour or whatever the time is. 
    There are no long downloads or much to figure out or fool with, unlike
    google and some others.  The downside is that there are security
    questions on it and some schools using it have had hackers break in. 
    I’m doubting there would be much interest in breaking in ADS events by
    pranksters or terrorists, although we may have enemies among day lily
    fanciers. (joke).   One has the option of being there by video or just

    For business I’m on conference calls all the time, and apparently many
    of these services are free too, but for the hundreds I’ve been on, I’ve
    never had to set one up.   With the high demand these last weeks there
    have been occasional delays calling in, but none have failed.

    Regards, Drew

  3. Margaret Macneale, Minnesota Margaret Macneale, Minnesota says:

    Many of us are using ZOOM these days for virtual meetings. I recommend it for the ADS fall meetings. Participants do not need to have an ‘account’. For that many people, the moderator (“host”) would start with everyone muted. There is a feature where a participant can “raise their hand” to request to speak. The moderator would un-mute that person, then mute them again and move on to the next person who “raised their hand”. Previously ZOOM would limit you to 40 minutes without paying, but right now they have removed that limitation. I have been on calls that have gone 1 1/2 hours in the past week. It is definitely worth seriously considering.

  4. Vijay Chandhok says:

    The North American Lily Society had a board meeting by phone last two times, Zoom would have been better. We should try it.
    Vijay Chandhok

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  5. Robert Moore, Scotland Robert Moore, Scotland says:

    The Church I am a member off has been using Zoom for the past four Sundays and we found it worked well, The host has a paid membership and the rest of us the free option, we initially tried the free option which was fine, you are given a count down when your 40 minutes is almost complete.
    My son works for Moodys and has been working from home and using Zoom for the past several weeks.
    Zoom is certainly worth considering.