Lewis Turner, Maryland

An Arboretum in MN

May 3, 2020

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As daffodil season closes in the Maryland Region, it was nice to see MSN show a picture on the computer of daffodils blooming in Minnesota.

I believe it was displayed on May 1.

2 responses to “An Arboretum in MN”

  1. Gary Cohen, Minnesota says:

    Yes, the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum opened on Friday, May 1 for vehicle traffic only on the 3 Mile Drive inside the Arb.  Maximum of 75-100 vehicles per hour are allowed, reservations must be made in advance.  Limited stopping is available.  This weekend’s hourly “tours” filled quickly.

    For those who toured the Arboretum during the 2019 National Convention in Minnesota, the 3 Mile Drive is the route the tram ride many of you took follows.  We are all very happy to have even this limited opportunity to visit, as the daffodils are in full bloom near the entry and elsewhere in the Arboretum.

    They “hope” to find a way to open to limited “walking”, but not sure that will be coming anytime soon.

    We are going at 2 PM on Wednesday!

    Gary Cohen & Margaret Macneale

    Daffodil Society of Minnesota

  2. Darrin Ellis-May, Georgia Darrin Ellis-May, Georgia says:

    I and the many others, who attended the 2015 Fall Board Meeting in Minnesota, had the great good fortune to visit the Arboretum. What a magical place! I remember so well the roses, the dahlias and the deciduous ilex, in all their berried glory. What most impressed me though, was the large assortment of grasses. Not only were they real lookers, but their sound was glorious, natural wind chimes.