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New Videos and Audios in DaffTube

May 2, 2020

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The premature end of the 2020 daffodil season has given me some time to catch up on DaffTube installations. The recording of the poeticus panel of Willis Wheeler, Lib Capen, and Meg Yerger from the 1978 ADS convention made it into DaffTube in October, just before the fall board meeting in Lynchburg. Now we have three videos from Lynchburg and the remaining nineteen audios from some very old audio cassettes. If you are staying home and need a dose of daffodils, try exploring in DaffTube (and DaffLibrary). Here’s what’s been added to DaffTube recently.

On April 24 – three videos of talks at Lynchburg
Harold Koopowitz on Bulbocodium Narcissus
Karen Cogar on her experience growing miniatures
Jan Pennings showing commercially potted daffodils in Holland

On May 2 – Nineteen audios (MP3 files) digitized from old cassettes
Wells Knierim on photographing daffodils
Bill Bender on pests and diseases
Peggy Macneale on miniature daffodils
Helen Link on tazetta daffodils
Tom Throckmorton, Bill Pannill, Bill Roese, Roberta Watrous on a hybridizing panel
Ruth Pardue on cyclamineus daffodils
Bill Ticknor on split corona daffodils
Harold Koopowitz on his breeding program
Bill Pannill on his miniatures
Helen Link on species
Peggy Macneale on exhibiting miniature seedlings
Frances Armstrong on the history of showing miniatures and on judging miniatures
Nancy Wilson on judging miniatures and species
Harold Koopowitz on judging
Phil Phillips on grooming daffodils for show
Bill Roese surveying some new cultivars
Jack Romine on point scoring
Bill Pannill evening talk at Williamsburg convention
William Hu on daffodils in Chinese culture

4 responses to “New Videos and Audios in DaffTube”

  1. Rose Bradley, Illinois Rose Bradley, Illinois says:

    Wow, what a treasure. Thank you for getting those available to us!

  2. Bill Carter, Washington Bill Carter, Washington says:

    New video made by my friends.  Shows my back yard and daffodil beds.

  3. Larry Force, Mississippi Larry Force, Mississippi says:

    Really enjoyed the video Bill, A class production!! You and the lady doing the moderating were super.  Loved seeing your beds and garden. Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

  4. David Adams, New Zealand says:

    I thought it was a great watch too. Nice to get to know Bill and to enjoy his garden. I worry about 500 crosses per year. Okay with one seed and one bulb per cross. At this minimal rate that will be 2500 bulbs by first flowering time, 5 years of evaluation 5000 potential bulbs, 5 years of increase to say 10 bulbs per seed. I am glad that you are still a young man Bill. Of course with high quality parents there will be fewer rejects as well. We look forward to seeing some amazing flowers from Carterton.