Harold Koopowitz, California

Supporting the ADS

May 11, 2020

Categories: General, Societies and groups

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The ADS always needs money because our income from membership does not cover all of our expenses. Here are two ways you can help support your society.

These days we seem to be doing a lot of our shopping online.

you can register The American Daffodil Society as your charity of choice and a percentage of your purchase’s price will be donated to the ADS.


If all our members who use Amazon supported us this way we will be helped greatly.

Brent and Becky’s Bulbs offer a substantial percentage of your order’s cost as a donation to the charity of your choice. To do this go to: https://www.brentandbeckysbulbs.com/site/view/836

and follow the directions to register ADS as your charity of choice.

This is a no brainer to help the ADS.


One response to “Supporting the ADS”

  1. ADS Executive Director ADS Executive Director says:

    Yes, thank you Harold for mentioning both of these ways someone can help out ADS just by signing up when making a purchase through Amazon and Brent and Becky’s. Many are ordering online due to the virus. Let me encourage you to make ADS your SMILE beneficiary whenever you make a purchase. The amount being sent to us every 3 months continues to go up.

    It’s really easy. Once I signed up myself I didn’t have to think anymore about it. Then when I have to order those garden supplies I just can’t seem to find locally, like pulverized volcanic dust and mychorrizal innoculent etc, a portion of my purchase is passed on to ADS. What about that special NPK fertilizer you used to use and can’t find locally anymore? I bet you can find it on Amazon. Please sign in to your Amazon Smile account and order some.

    Thank you. And please encourage all your friends to sign up. If you hear of other ways we can earn a kick back I hope you will pass it on.