Roger Parsons

Sussex conservation of “Noel Burr” cultivars.

May 8, 2020

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Our Sussex group of Plant Heritage decided we would try to conserve “Noel Burr” cultivars. I have been so impressed with them compared with common or garden Daffodils that I am really getting into them and have joined various Daffodil Societies and groups.

We are looking for sources of bulbs for some of the remaining cultivars Noel Burr raised.  Our goal is to replant as many Burr cultivars as possible in Sussex County, South East England, the region that Noel lived in.

The 19 varieties we currently have are:

Cotchford 1 y-y    Danehill 1 y-y     Sharnden 1 y-y    Dunstan’s Fire 1 y-o   Kingstanding 1 y-o
Anderida 1 w-w    Fletching 1 w-w    Saxonbury 2 y-y    Firehills 2 y-o    Finchcocks 2 y-r
Kilndown 2 w-yyo    Southease 2 w-gyy    Cinder Hill 2 w-o    Five Ashes 2 w-w    Isenhurst 2 w-wwp
Ladymeads 2 w-p    Rushlake Green 2 w-gww    Cherrygardens 2 w-gpp    Adversane 3 w-gww    Hever 4 y-y

Another member of our group produced a list of the ones we are missing so I am attaching this PDF case it saves you work.

Noel burr cultivars needed by Sussex Plant Heritage Group

If you know of sources of the missing bulbs, please post them on Daffnet or email me at  title=