Nancy Tackett, California

Warning about a fraudulent email.

May 7, 2020

Category: General

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Dear All,

Recently some people received a message, that appeared to come from me, about a gift card project for the “Middle Atlantic Region”.

I did not send this fraudulent message.

Typically this type of fraud is designed to convince people to send money.

All information in that message is false and fraudulent.


4 responses to “Warning about a fraudulent email.”

  1. Glenna Graves says:

    New Message from Glenna Graves.

    I too have received word this AM that a message for giving a donation to Veterans has gone out in my name for the Washington Daffodil Society.
    This too is fraudulent message. I have not ask anyone to donate to any organization. Glenna Graves

  2. Fran Higgins says:

    Thanks for the warning. Fran Higgins

  3. ADS Executive Director ADS Executive Director says:

    Hi all

    Always, always, always check the “FROM” address on emails. That is almost always the first way to tell an email message is fraudulent. When in doubt always double check by sending an email who you assume wrote the email (not the fraudulent email address).

    The email that Nancy forwarded to me was not her email address. Some of the information such as the phone number may look like it is her. Anyone can get a public phone number. Also, in the few years I have known Nancy she has never ever signed her email the way that one was signed.


  4. Margaret Seconi, New Zealand Margaret Seconi says:

    Thanks Nancy. You help us all so much by sending out, not only warnings,
    but how to look out for fraudulent messages.
    Much appreciated.
    Keep well all you dear American people.