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Additional Offerings at PHS Daffodils

August 26, 2020

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At long last, 38 additional daffodil cultivars from our harvest surplus are now available at www.phsdaffodils.com, including ”Ambergris Caye’, ‘Biosphere’, ‘Moon Moth’, ‘Mrs. Alfred Pearson’, ‘La Salle’, and ‘Spring Coronation’.   Additionally, we have restocked 19 previously sold out gems such as ‘Akepa’, ‘Clavichord’, ‘Magic’, ‘Music Hall’, ‘Red Guard’, and ‘Strawberry Fiesta’.

For PHS Daffodils customers who have already ordered this year, we wish to extend a 15% discount and free shipping on all additional daffodil bulbs and daylily plants purchased.  Please use the coupon code 2NDORDER at checkout.  New orders will be combined with your existing order for shipping.  (This coupon applies only to customers with existing orders and does not apply to gift certificates.)

As a reminder, 15 September is the deadline to order daffodils and daylilies for the 2020 season.  Even if you have ordered all that your garden can possibly grow, don’t forget that daffodils and daylilies make terrific gifts, especially for budding garden friends.  PHS Daffodils also offers e-gift certificates to make such gift giving even easier.

To ensure the highest quality, all of our bulbs and plants are lovingly and expertly curated, grown, harvested, packaged, and mailed to you direct from our farm—these are not imported or grown by others and sold by us.  We like to share that process with you along the way, via Instagram.  If you don’t already follow us at www.instagram.com/phsdaffodils, please do for regular updates and photos of daffodils and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the PHS Daffodils operation.

With tremendous appreciation for your continued support,

Jason Delaney, PHS Daffodils


www.phsdaffodils.com  www.instagram.com/phsdaffodils

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