Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee

2019 ADS Show Winners

September 8, 2020

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2019 ADS Show Winners

After posting the 2020 ADS Show Winners file to DaffTube I got back to working on the 2019 presentation that had given me so much grief. Adobe Pro would mix up all the fonts, swapping letters randomly for other letters. I think it must have been a computer memory or storage issue because the file had gotten so large. There were 16 ADS shows photographed in 2019 by 5 photographers. I’m pretty sure that set a record for the number of shows that were photographed and photos posted to either Daffnet or Facebook.

Because of the size of the finished compressed presentation (over 20 MB) I separated it into four parts for downloading. You can access the four files on Click on the Shows tab and scroll down to see the four parts. When you click on a file you will see a paragraph that details which shows are included in that file. You then have the choice to download a version that will Auto Advance from one slide to the next or a Manual version that you can control using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

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