Loyce McKenzie

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I am sorry to share the sad news that Loyce McKenzie passed away last night at her home in Madison, MS. I don’t have any more information, but her friend who called me thought it was from complications of Parkinson’s. We have lost another very special daffodil friend.

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  1. We truly have lost an important part of ADS. Loyce’s tremendous contributions are legendary and she was a special friend to many of us. I suppose a memory most of us who have been around a number of years, is when she won the Throckmorton at a national show with all Div. 7’s! She especially loved jonquils and fortunately, they did well in her climate.

    A very special lady who believed in working hard, using her many talents for a cause in which she believed–the ADS!

    Elise Havens

  2. So very sorry to hear of Loyce’s passing. A great friend to me and many others in the ADS. She worked and supported the ADS, and local shows  in so many ways over many years. She will long be remembered for all she has meant to the ADS.  A great loss to all of us!

    Larry Force

  3. So sorry to hear about Loyce. A lovely caring daffodil lady who’s posts and
    comments will be missed by many. It was a delight to meet up with her in
    person in Otaki & Dunedin NZ at the International Convention held there.
    May all who knew her be comforted at this time.

  4. We are so sorry to hear this news of Loyce’s passing.  All of her ADS friends will miss her.  What a loss for her family, and the entire ADS family.

  5. Thank you for letting us know this sad news Becky.

    Ian and I enjoyed Loyce’s company immensely when she visited New Zealand in 2012.

    She will be sadly missed by daffodil enthusiasts everywhere, particularly those members of the ADS that were close to her



  6. The ADS has lost an irreplaceable leader. Over the many years, her suggestions helped guide the society’s direction.

    Loyce was a personal friend and she will missed.


  7. ADS has lost a very special friend.  She served ADS in so many ways, most notably for her years as Editor of The Daffodil Journal.  As Elise said, Loyce loved Div. 7 and delighted in winning the Throckmorton with only Div. 7s.  Loyce was a good friend and she will be missed.

  8. Loyce was a great resource and booster for me when I was involved in ADS doings. She knew all the history and always had an opinion on what direction the ADS should take and why, frequently chiding us for not acting or reacting. Strangely, we shared frequent 3-way email musings with a friend in Tasmania there about the Chicago Cubs and what direction they should have taken and why. The email exchanges were illuminating and fun and bring fond memories. I will always link Loyce with the ADS, its history and the Journal, and the Chicago Cubs. Losing Loyce and John Reed in the same week makes a big dent in my daffodildom .

    She was photo-averse, but I captured her sitting with Brent Heath during one of the convention bus trips. I have good memories of that, and I hope I can share them here.

  9. I was sorry to hear of Loyce’s passing.  She was a lovely lady who we always enjoyed catching up with at daffodil events.  Loyce and Neil had a special bond and shared some great conversations over the years which Neil always enjoyed. RIP Loyce.

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