Bulb Sources Information and Deadlines

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The ADS recently appointed me as chair of the bulb sources committee. As I’m sure you know, hybridizers and growers are essential to the future of daffodils, and much valued by the ADS. For this reason, we want to support and promote hybridizers and growers in the United States and any overseas offering their daffodils to US customers.

Our goals are:

  • Inform the ADS membership and broader public about the availability of bulbs for purchase.
  • Create a master calendar for order deadlines.
  • Find and promote growers who grow and offer daffodils in low supply or in danger of becoming unavailable in commerce.

We have recently updated some information on the ADS bulb sources pages. I invite you to check out the Specialty Bulb Growers page and the General Bulb Merchant page. If you know of any corrections, additions, deadlines, or the like that should be added, I would love to hear from you.

Also, any grower or hybridizer who would like to contact me to discuss how the ADS can support or inform others about your work, I would love to hear from you as well! You can reach me at  title=



Ross Hornsby

2 comments for “Bulb Sources Information and Deadlines

  1. Dear Ross
    Many thanks for including Bramcote Bulbs (now Flying Colours Daffodils) on your site. Could you please update our details as on the attached letter which we sent out to our customers. Michiel de Waard has now taken over our business and I have sent a copy of this message to him and he will no doubt be in touch in due course.
    We have many American customers and will continue to supply to the USA.
    Kind regards
    Terry Braithwaite (Mrs)
    ex Bramcote Bulbs

  2. Terry,

    I have a copy of this letter and will be sure to have the information updated. Thank you!

    Ross Hornsby

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